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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's The Little Things | Friends Having Babies

Noah and I have made a lot of great friends (both moms and kids) through our MOMS Clubs.  But something super special happened this year... three of our "pre-Noah" friends had babies in 2014.  

The newest addition is Sawyer James.  My high school and college friends, Kristen & Brendan, welcomed this adorable little boy at the end of November.  I had planned to meet him earlier, but then I got that nasty cold.  I finally got to meet him last week when Chris was home from work and could watch Noah.  Sawyer is the cutest thing and this visit may have started to give me a little baby fever!

^^^ I love this candid shot of me holding Sawyer.  Kristen has also taken many photos of Noah, you can check out her website here!  

My best friend since middle school, Marlaina, had her baby girl in July.  Noah and I have gotten together with Marlaina and AnnaLynne many times, but this past week we had the kids exchange Christmas gifts.  Noah loved helping AnnaLynne open her gifts and thankfully she didn't mind the help, or the fact that Noah then played with all her toys!

Finally, Chris' college friend Joe, and his wife Teri, welcomed their son JJ in September.  They were in town for the Pinstripe Bowl Game (Penn State vs. Boston College) and we were so glad they were able to stop by on their way home to Pennsylvania.  This was the first time we met JJ and that they got to see our new house.  It was a really nice visit and Noah got to hold a baby for the first time!

I've found that as we get older and our friends get married and have kids, it becomes even harder to make plans.  I am so thankful that we are able to maintain these friendships and that Noah can grow up with these little babies!

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  1. It's a funny thing when your friends start having kids, and all of a sudden your realize just how fast time has gone. It's great that you've been able to maintain these relationships! Gorgeous pictures! <3

  2. Well isn't he a cutie! I just love when friends start having kids!!!


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