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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's The Little Things | Fountain Love

The mall near our house has a pretty cool fountain in it.  Chris remembers going there as a kid and throwing coins into the fountain.  He loved it so much that when we took Noah to the mall for the first time as a baby, he asked for a picture of the two of them in front of the fountain!  Ever since he could walk, any time we went to the mall, we had to make a stop at the fountain.  It took us way too many times than it should have to come prepared with a ton of pennies.  So at the beginning, our trips usually consisted of rummaging through our purses and wallets to find any spare change and then Noah getting upset when his fun ended so soon.  Now we are prepared and bring a dollar's worth of pennies!

About two weeks ago, we met a friend of ours at the mall.  With the cold weather, we thought it would be nice to get out of the house and walk around the mall with the kids in their strollers.  We saw the fountain right when we got there, but I told Noah that we would come back and play as long as he was good.  Noah was so excited to get out of his stroller and throw pennies into the fountain... he's actually getting a pretty good arm.  At first, my friend was just going to keep her 1 year old in the stroller, but then he wanted to join in on the fun.  After watching Noah a few times, he gave it a shot. Instead of throwing the pennies, he more placed them in the water.  He also had fun sticking his hand in the water.  

It was fun watching Noah experience the fountain with a younger kid.  He went from observing Quinn to then showing him with pride how to throw the pennies in.  I remember taking Noah when he was Quinn's age and how he would always get soaked.  Right before leaving, Quinn leaned into the fountain thinking there was an solid surface and got a good part of his arm wet before his mom caught him.  Thankfully Noah is a pro now and rarely gets wet, but I still pack a change of clothes just in case.  

It's amazing how the simple activity of throwing coins into a fountain can make Noah so happy.  If a trip to the mall and a dollar's worth of pennies is what it takes, I'm thrilled to go every week!

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  1. That's actually a pretty cool looking fountain! Scarlett would probably do one of two things, freak out because she would be scared of the water pouring out or freak out because she loved it so much... I can never tell with her hah!

  2. How sweet to share that experience! Isn't it amazing how 'old' our babies seem when they are around little ones?

  3. That sounds so fun. I wish our mall had something cute like that!

  4. So much fun!!! Such a simple little thing, a thing that can be so easily overlooked at the mall, and you guys have made it into something so fun! I love your little tradition of always hitting up the fountain to throw coins in!


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