The Adventure Starts Here: Golden Globes Fashion 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Golden Globes Fashion 2015

I majored in Accounting, which meant that most of my classes were either specific requirements or business electives.  So after I took my general education classes as a freshman, I didn't really have many real electives to choose.  I finally had 3 credits free the spring of my senior year and I decided to take something fun... a fashion class.   A good friend of mine was also in the class and I remember really enjoying it.  One of our first assignments was to watch the Oscars and share with the class what we thought of the fashion worn on the red carpet.  So different from the assignments in my accounting courses!  I had always watched the awards shows anyway, so I thought it was super cool that it was also my "homework".  So today I decided I'd share what I think about the fashion at last night's Golden Globes... you can be my current day fashion class ;)

Chris and I were flipping back and forth between the football game and the red carpet coverage on E! There were dresses I loved, dresses I really didn't like, and then others that I liked most of the dress, but there was just something that made me dislike the look.  And just like last year, we didn't stay up to watch the actual awards show and I've learned that I barely know any of the nominated shows/movies anyway!  

This year I noticed a trend of white or metallic gowns, and I really loved it!  Anna Farris, Reese Witherspoon, and Emily Blunt were winners in my book!  Then I found out that Reese's dress was Calvin Klein.  I wasn't surprised since I usually like their designs and I was also glad since my husband works for the parent company that owns Calvin Klein :)

I also liked these form fitting gowns in these rich, dark colors.  

While I love a form fitting gown, these flowier dresses were also beautiful.  I can see how some people might not like the purple gown Lupita Nyong'o wore, but I think it looked so pretty on her and different from what everyone else had on.  

As for Amal Clooney and Emma Stone.  I thought they both looked beautiful and I loved the classic black gown and jump suit.  But I did not like the white gloves Amal wore or the big bow on Emma's butt!

As with every award show red carpet, there were many dresses that I did not like.  What was up with the trend of having heavily embellished gowns.  I get that they took many people and hours to create, but that doesn't really matter if they are ugly!

Finally, I just wasn't a fan of these last three dresses.  The mens' shirt/necktie on Melissa McCarthy just looked odd.  While I'm bowing down to Rosamund Pike for looking this great only 5 weeks post baby, that dress isn't doing much for her.  And I'm really not liking the color or length of Kerry Washington's dress.

Did you watch the Golden Globes or the Red Carpet Fashion?  
Who were your favorites and least favorites?

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