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Friday, January 30, 2015

Five on Friday

This week has been interesting.  We were supposed to be hit with the huge storm, Juno, but it fell flat and we only got a few inches.  But since everyone was very worried, Chris' office closed early on Monday and he worked from home on Tuesday.  Even with us being stuck inside because of snow and being sick more days than I would prefer this month, I still feel like January didn't drag as much as it does some years!  Anyway, here's my last "Five on Friday" of the month!


While we technically could have gone out on Tuesday (since the storm really wasn't bad), we decided to take the snow day and do some baking.  Noah loves to help me cook and immediately grabs his step stool whenever he sees me start to prepare something.  Yesterday, I shared that we made our favorite muffins.  Here are some more pictures of Noah helping me.  He even grabbed his play cutting board, knife, and zucchini to work along with me :)


We just started another session of Wompy's (our music class).  Noah's been going since right before he turned 1.  It's amazing to see how much he's changed since first going.  Here are pictures from last week and he's the tallest kid in the class, he's actively participating and answering the questions.  Below, are pictures from January/February of last year.  He had just learned to walk and looks so little!  




We just ordered this calendar for Noah in hopes to teach him his days, months, seasons, and weather. A friend of Noah had a similar calendar and I thought it was so cute!


I'm constantly looking at the new arrivals at Gap & Old Navy for Noah.  This shirt caught my eye immediately since we live so close to New York City.  I definitely want to get this for Noah using the Gap Cash!


And while I'm browsing online for Noah, I like to check out the new arrivals for myself too.  I think this would be a perfect sweater to transition into Spring.  I'll want to be wearing lighter colors soon but the temps will still require a sweater most days!


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  1. Just found your blog. Your little Noah is adorable. I take my kiddos to music class, too. It's crazy to watch them grow. I always get a kick out of seeing how much the other kids have grown, then kid has grown that much, too! LOL! Your blog is super cute. I'll be following you via bloglovin! :) Take care and stay warm. :) - Marie

  2. I love that calendar! Now you just have to remember everyday to change it ;) I would always use one season and one weather condition. LOL. Summer and sunny. Wouldn't be able to teach Mason much of anything!
    LOVE how cute and happy he is when helping you bake!


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