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Friday, January 2, 2015

Five on Friday

This week has been pretty great!  We had Chris home for another full week and we've both been loving it.  Noah loves the extra play time with daddy and I love being able to sleep in a little longer :) We will both be very sad on Monday morning!


Since it was Chris' birthday on Tuesday, we did a few things to make his day special.  We went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's (he loves their salad bar... especially their croutons!).  We also gave him a few gifts and sang happy birthday to him.

But really, the only thing Chris wanted to do was to recreate this picture of the two of them from last year.  


For Christmas, Chris got me this new camera bag I wanted!  I included it in a wish list and when he asked my mom for ideas she mentioned the bag to him.  I love that I can fit my camera (with lens attached), my external flash, and Noah's stuff in the bag.  I could do this with my diaper bag but my camera wasn't protected with extra padding while in there.. I feel like it's much safer now!


I just upgraded to the iPhone 6 this week!  My parents give us each a very generous check for Christmas, so I decided to use some of it for a new phone!  The lock screen on my iPhone 5 had been working sporadically (that word always makes me think of Clueless!) and occasionally it freezes while I'm taking videos which makes the videos disappear!  I decided it was time to upgrade!  I went with the 128 GB in Space Gray.  I got a clear case so the color isn't covered up :)


Can you believe it's really 2015?!?  We had a super low key New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  We picked up a few party supplies to celebrate just the three of us.  We did the same thing last year and got a few hilarious pictures.  We thought it would be fun to do again this year... who knows, it may just be a yearly tradition!


Speaking of starting a new year, I'm once again choosing "one little word" to reflect on, live by, and aspire to for the year.  Last year my word was "calm".  My word for 2015 is Content.  Content means in a state of peaceful happiness or a state of satisfaction.  This year I want to really focus on being content with the amazing life I already have instead of focusing on what I don't have.  I have no clue what 2015 will bring our family, but whatever it is I want to remember that I have a great life already and to be content.

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  1. I need that camera bag. Period. In the red ;) haha lucky gal! xo

  2. That camera bag is gorgeous!!! Have fun with the 6- my father-in-law surprised me with the rose gold for Christmas. I've been running around for a week telling my husband how much I love it! -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  3. That camera bag is gorgeous!!! You are one lucky girl. If I had a camera, I'd totally want that :)
    Also, YAY for the iPhone 6! LOVE mine and love the camera on it!
    I LOVE that photo of Chris and Noah with his cupcakes... Noah looks like he is ready to dig in!

  4. I love your camera bag. Mine is ugly ugly. lol. That picture of your guys hugging is so sweet!


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