The Adventure Starts Here: Cousins!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Noah's cousins were here for Christmas this year and stayed a few days afterwards as well.  Since we only see them a few times a year, when we all get together, we usually stay pretty busy with lots of activities.  (You can check out our past visits with them here... September 2014,  August 2014, December 2013, July 2013 part 1, July 2013 part 2, February 2013)  While Noah and Aidan are the same age (born a week apart), Noah tends to play with his older cousins more. Noah and Matthew (age 4) are very similar in personality and interests and he's just plain fascinated by Kaitlyn (age 7) and likes to follow her around.  

On Friday (the day after Christmas) morning, we took the kids in to get some professional pictures taken at Picture People.  I have a membership there and I was up for a free DVD of images, so we decided to get a bunch of different variations.  We had some pictures taken of them in their "fancy" clothes as well as some casual shots.  We each got a family picture and we made sure to get one of my parents with their 4 grandkids.  Since Luke had to work on Friday and Tyler wasn't here, we decided not to get a family picture, since it wouldn't be complete anyway.  

It's a tradition in my family that after you get pictures taken, that the kids get to pick out a stuffed animal at Build A Bear.  This also works as a bribing tactic for the kids to behave and smile ;)  This was Noah's first time going and he loved it.   We thought he was going to pick the giraffe, but he ended up choosing the monkey.  Chris was so excited when he found these Mets swim trunks for the monkey to wear.  We made sure to also get the monkey a winter appropriate outfit as well ;)

^^^ trying to get the kids to pose with their stuffed animals... didn't quite work!

Before heading home for Noah's nap, we went out to lunch with my family.  We took them to Turf & Surf near our house and everyone loved the burgers and fries!  We got there early and we were the only ones in there for most of the time.  We've found that casual restaurants at off-peak times work best for our crazy crew!

^^^ My brother (Kaitlyn's dad) and Chris, both went to Penn State.  Trisha however grew up in Florida and is a Miami Hurricanes fan.  Chris was less than impressed with Kaitlyn's loyalty to "The U"!

On Saturday, we met up with them again and drove 45 minutes to Easton, PA to go to the Crayola Experience.  None of us had ever been but we figured it would be fun for all the kids.  Kaitlyn is obsessed with art and it had lots of "attractions" for the little boys to enjoy too.  We personalized some crayon wrappers, made some markers, did some coloring, and played in the toddler section.  We left after lunch so Noah could nap, while my parents and my brother's family stayed longer to explore some more.  If you are in the area, I would definitely recommend checking it out.  

Everyone is now back home and we are back to our regular schedule.  Noah has so much fun when he's with his cousins.  It's way more chaotic than his normal only child life, but so far he seems to enjoy it. He definitely naps better after playing with them ;)  


  1. How cute are all of them?! Liam has 2 cousins really close in age and I so wish he got to spend more time with them!

  2. I LOVE them all in their little sweaters all posing together! So sweet. They did so well and you all got some really great photos!
    How fun is that Crayola place?! Looks super cool!


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