The Adventure Starts Here: Basement Reveal

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Basement Reveal

We were thrilled that our house had a finished basement!  The previous owners did a great job by making a large finished space while still keeping enough unfinished storage.  There was new carpeting recently installed, so all we had to do was paint and put some furniture in it.  We got a new couch (from Ikea) and then put a bunch of our furniture from our apartment down there (entertainment unit, TV from our bedroom, dining table, etc).  Right now this space isn't used that much, but I have a feeling we will use it more as Noah gets older.  We have a few toys down here, as well as the toys he's outgrown.  Chris often watches TV down here after Noah goes to sleep.  

When it came to decorating, I went with kind of a NYC theme.  Before Noah, we went to a lot of Broadway shows.  Even before I met Chris, I would collect the posters and after we got married, we decided to display them in poster frames.  These are only a few from my collection.  The NYC canvas was in our first, 1 bedroom apartment.  I'm glad we have a space to hang it again :)

The door by the stairs leads to Chris' office.  While setting up the rest of the house, this has acted as our catchall room.  We hope that when things calm down we can finally tackle it too!  

Most of the furniture we put down here is old, but if there's anything you are curious about, feel free to ask :)


  1. It looks great, with lots of nice space for Noah to run around! I will be working on ours soon since the playroom is moving down there and I am dreading it!

  2. Oh my gosh! I bet you are going to love having that space! It's always such a shame when people finish basements, but don't leave any storage space. Lol

  3. It looks great!!!! I so wish we had a basement space... or a playroom space. I bet Noah is going to LOVE having that space when he is older and has friends over. "Mom, we're going downstairs to play video games" I can see it now lol

  4. I love it! Wish I could have such a nice basement! Maybe in my dream home.


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