The Adventure Starts Here: It's The Little Things | Santa Train 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's The Little Things | Santa Train 2014

This weekend we went on the Santa Train.  Last year we went on it but were in the regular seating.  This year, we planned ahead and got tickets for the special club car.  It's decorated like an old fashioned train car and has tables and real chairs instead of regular train seating.  I have been battling a really bad cold and was feeling, sounding, and looking horrible, but I suffered through since I knew Noah would love going on the train.  

Chris was heart set on recreating this picture from last year!



 ^^^ Noah took this picture!

The kids were so excited when Santa came to our car!  Last year Noah was scared of Santa.  This year I would describe him as cautious.  He doesn't freak out or cry when he sees him, but he keeps an eye on him and doesn't smile.  Maybe next year he will actually like him.

There were some 5 year old boys that Noah was fascinated with.  He would watch them play and even tried to join in.  

The conductors handed out little toys for all the kids.  This year was a penguin.  Last year was a little snowman that came out with the Christmas decorations this year and Noah loves it still!

I think Noah's favorite part was the balloon he got at the end!

Another great year on the Santa Train!  I think this will definitely become a Flinn Family Tradition!

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  1. How cool that the train had a special club car! So many great photos! Glad you all had such a wonderful time, despite being sick!

  2. Seriously this sounds like so much fun!! I want to go on a Santa train!!! :(

  3. We are going in a Santa train next weekend and I'm so excited!!

  4. How fun!!!! We rode a train to see Santa but didn't have Santa ON the train! That would have been way better. Or way scarier...for Mason since he was terrified this year haha. What a fun day!


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