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Friday, December 12, 2014

Five on Friday

We spent this week at home.  We had to cancel all our plans again because of my cold that just won't quit.  I went back to the doctor when it wasn't getting better and got a z-pack.  I also learned that the DayQuil/NyQuil I was taking didn't even have a decongestant in it since I got it over the counter instead of from behind the pharmacy.  So for days I was taking medicine that wasn't helping my major problem!  I am finally getting some relief!


I mentioned earlier this week that we've been doing the 25 Day of Christmas Books with Noah.  We skipped a few night due to both of us being sick, but we caught up this weekend.  I found a few gifts/stuffed animals that went along with a few of the books and decided to give those books first so he could enjoy the extra gift all month long.  I also picked up about 5 pairs of Christmas PJs this year, so we've started wearing those each night too :)

^^^ Little Blue Truck's Christmas and Little Blue Truck Soft Toy  (did not pay price listed)

Duck & Goose  | Hat
Shirt (Old Navy) and PJs (Carters) both sold out online


While I haven't set our dining room table for Christmas yet, I have added some decorations.  On our sideboard, I put our 4 foot tree that we used to use in the apartment.  I put all of our "pre-Noah" ornaments on this tree to avoid breakage.

I also put my new collection of Christmas houses here.  My brother gave us 2 houses for Christmas last year and my mom gave us the Candy Shop as a "Thanksgiving gift".  I hope to add to the collection each year.  


In addition to the tree, mantel, and dining room being decorated, we added some pre-lit artificial garland to our bannisters.  I love how it looks at night when it's all lit up!


We knew we wanted to hang lights on our outside bushes.  We love how it looks to drive by the houses that are decorated for Christmas.  We went out in November and bought a bunch of those "nets" to make the job even easier.  We did it on a relatively mild day before Thanksgiving, and much to our disappointment, learned we didn't have any outside outlets in the front of our house by the bushes!  We just assumed that everyone had outlets and didn't even check.  We have one on the other side of the garage and in the back of the house, but that would require a lot of extension cords.  We called out electrician to install some new outlets and even make it so they are controlled by a light switch in the house.  Unfortunately, our electrician has had some really bad luck right now, a death in the family, and car trouble, so our appointment keeps getting delayed.  We are hoping to have it done by this weekend or else we may have to do the extension cord route while we wait.  


This is our second year taking Noah to NYC to see the Rockefeller Tree!  Chris and I always used to go together before having Noah.  I would usually be at a client in NYC sometime in December, so we'd make a point to meet up one night after work.  We didn't go in 2012 since Noah had just been born, but we took him last year.  We are going again today, and I hope it becomes a tradition.  I'll post about our fun day in NYC next week :)

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  1. I've always wanted to go to NYC in the winter. The Rockefeller tree looks so pretty!
    And where, oh, where did you find that little blue truck plush?!?! I had no idea they made that! So cute!
    Loving the Christmas jammies too!!

  2. Love little mini is so adorable :) Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  3. We're in the NYC area and we always love going to see the Rockefeller tree too! Love your blog, found it on the link up.

  4. You combine the the two link ups too :) Glad I am not the only one who does this. Love your tree. We had a small table top tree that we put up a few years ago...loved it.


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