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Friday, December 5, 2014

Five on Friday - Gift Guides

It's been quite a week for us here.  At first we were adjusting to being home after a few days away.  For the first time in 18 months, Noah slept through the night on Monday night... All hail the sleep gods!  I really didn't expect it to happen again, and it didn't.  We were back to our "regularly scheduled Noah" and had a rough Tuesday night.  We also both started feeling sick Tuesday afternoon and were at our worst on Wednesday.  While we still aren't feeling great, Noah at least started playing with his toys yesterday.   For today's Five on Friday, I decided to focus on some ideas for Christmas gifts.  Hopefully this will help you with your shopping or give you some ideas for yourself :)

One - Gift Guide for Women

Here are some ideas of what to get that woman in your life.  When buying for women I know, I want to make sure I get them something I love enough to own myself.  I already own these slippers... Chris got them for me last Christmas and I LOVE them!  Other than that, I would love anything and everything on this list!    

Adobe Lightroom 5 | Camera Bag (I prefer the camel color)

Two - Gift Guide for Men

I've always had a hard time shopping for men.  They aren't like women, if they already own a watch, belt, wallet, etc, they don't want another.  Women will take multiples of bags, watches, and jewelry!  Chris often asks for tickets to sporting events as his gifts, so I stick to getting him smaller items to unwrap.  This New York Rangers sweatshirt would go perfectly with tickets to a hockey game!  Gift cards and movie passes are always a good idea.  If you'd rather watch movies at home, this blanket from Pottery Barn is amazing!  We have two of them and Chris loves it as much as I do!  Last year, I got Chris "A Year of Dates" and this Bazinga (Big Bang Theory) t-shirt and they were both a hit!

Three - Gift Guide for Kids

I find kids are the easiest to shop for.  There's such a wide range of toys at all different price points.  Santa will be bringing Noah this work bench and Grandma & Grandpa are getting him this train table.  Other than that, we plan to get him a bunch of smaller items to fill under the tree.  I'm digging this dollhouse and while I think Noah is too young for it anyway, I love how it's more gender neutral. Why wouldn't a boy want to play make believe in a dollhouse like girls do???

train table | tool bench | dollhouse
bean bag toss | cash register

Four - Stockings

Noah already has these "mini machines" and loves to play with them.  We actually used them on his birthday cake this year!  He was also given these reusable sticker pads, and while they may be big to fit in the actual stocking, they are a great gift!  Noah plays with them every day!   Other than that, I like to fill stockings with some practical items... everyone needs new socks, underwear, and headphones (in my opinion).  

Five - Neighbors/Teachers

This is the first year we have neighbors that we actually know.  I think we will end up just delivering some cookies, but I love how creative some people get!  You can find so many ideas on Pinterest!

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  1. Yay for a full nights sleep! Maybe it will start happening somewhat periodically. Liam does it once a week! And I love that camera bag!!! I've have been on the hunt for one... If only that one was a bit cheaper.

  2. I would love the adobe lightroom? Have you used it for? I can't find the difference in that and photoshop… Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  3. Random question... I see you linked to two super cute purses, but do you happen to have a cross body bag that you use now? I have a bag that I wear on my shoulder that I use as a purse and a diaper bag but it's hard to carry and run after Mason so I'm looking for a cross body bag. But it has to be big enough to hold a couple diapers, wipes, a water, and snacks for him and then all my stuff too. Ideas?


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