The Adventure Starts Here: Family Pictures

Monday, December 8, 2014

Family Pictures

If you like looking at family pictures, then this post is for you!  While there are a ton of pictures below, these are just some of my favorites from our October session with my good friend Kristen.  I can't believe she took these a month before delivering her baby boy... at 36 weeks I was in the hospital about to have Noah!  Anyway, we went to a local park and while it was cooler and windier than we would have liked, we ended up with some great pictures.  Kristen even came to our house a few days later to get more shots of Noah alone, since he lost interest towards the end of our original photo shoot... what a great friend and photographer!  And since we were already out, she also took some solo pictures of me so I can eventually update my profile picture on the blog :)  

^^^ clearly this kid is teething!

I loved them all and already have a bunch printed and framed in our house :)


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