The Adventure Starts Here: December Bucket List/Christmas Advent

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Bucket List/Christmas Advent

It's officially December 1st!  Do you know what that means???  It means the Christmas season has officially begun (well I guess it began in stores months ago!).  Christmas really is my favorite holiday!  As a result I like to celebrate all month long, starting the day after Thanksgiving (sometimes earlier).  Ever since having Noah, I'm even more excited to fill the month with fun festive activities.  It's so much fun to experience the holiday season through a child's eyes!  Since I plan to make the most of Christmas, I came up with this bucket list of sorts this year.  It includes both big and small activities for us to do as a family.   Throughout the month I will be posting about some of these activities.  Hopefully it gives you some ideas of things you can do with your family :)  

In addition to our family bucket list, we will also be doing an Advent Calendar with Noah this year.  My mom got it for us from Pottery Barn Kids last year, but we felt Noah wasn't old enough yet.  This year I think he will definitely get into it.  We will be filling it with a few ornaments, Christmas socks, matchbox cars, stickers, and candy.  On some days, the item in the pocket will correspond to the activity we are doing that day.  For instance, we got him a train ornament.  He will get that on the day we are doing the Santa Train.  We also plan to do the 25 Days of Christmas Books again, but more on that another day.  

^^^ you can see here that I purposefully hung it higher than Noah can reach.  I don't want him getting in the pockets before hand.  I also plan to move his bookcase over here for the month of December, since it's current spot is where we will put our Christmas tree.  

What holiday traditions do you have as a family?  


  1. such a fun list! I did my bucket list today too!! We do the 25 books as our advent calendar! Our Elf brought them this morning and Bre opens one every day til Christmas Eve

  2. So many of this se things are on our list too! And I just love that advent calendar!


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