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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's The Little Things | Christmas Baking with Noah

This year, we kept it pretty simple with the Christmas baking.  I wasn't going to a cookie exchange, so I didn't have to bake any cookies early in the month.  I did bake some muffins for our Christmas breakfast, but those are super simple.  We decorated some sugar cookies at my parents' house, but I knew we'd want to also make some cookies to leave for Santa.  Ideally, I would have had Noah decorate the cookies today, but since we have plans all day today (other than being home for nap), we ended up doing all our baking yesterday instead.

apron and hat from Target

^^^ we both have the same "I'm concentrating" look!

^^^ mixing is fun!

^^^ halfway through I decided I wanted a hat too!

Noah helped me bake some sugar cookies (just from a mix) and my Angeletti cookies in the morning.  We let them cool while Noah napped, and then we spent the afternoon decorating them.  I iced and put sprinkles on the Angeletti cookies and the three of us decorated some sugar cookies for Santa.  We also spent most of the day cleaning and getting ready to host Christmas dinner, so this was a nice break.  And I have to say that anything that involves Noah wearing that apron is okay by me ;)

^^^ ready to leave for Santa!

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  1. Those are some fabulous cookies for Santa!! I hadn't thought to make cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve until my husband suggested it so I found a recipe that didn't need any chilling and we got to work. One of the highlights for me so I'm glad he suggested it! Hopefully we will make it a tradition. And, I vote yes on needing a Santa hat! Completes the whole thing =) Merry Christmas!

  2. He looks adorable and so happy he got to help make cookies! I'm still afraid to do that with Mason... he is so messy! I love that he wore his apron and hat the whole time!


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