The Adventure Starts Here: Christmas 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas has officially come and gone.  While our plans may have changed a little last minute, we were still able to see both of our families this year.  We spent Christmas Eve with the Flinns and Christmas Day with my family.  

On Christmas Eve, we went over to Nonna & Granddad's house for dinner.  We celebrated with Chris' brother, Chris' Great Uncle & Aunt and their son, as well as a family friend.  The night was full of good food and everyone opening gifts.  I think Noah's favorite gift of the night was the easel from Uncle Bobby & Aunt Judy!

^^^ Noah painted and put his handprints on a trivet for both sets of grandparents... they loved it!

When we got home, we immediately changed Noah into his PJs and came downstairs to leave some cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.  I guess Noah didn't realize they were for Santa, because he proceeded to eat a whole cookie!  Noah then unwrapped his last Christmas book and we read "The Night Before Christmas" in front of the tree.  Noah was really into it and thought it was cool when I pointed out the cookies, milk, and carrots left out for Santa just like we did!  I love seeing Noah's face when it all clicks and makes sense to him!

Christmas Day was all about opening gifts from Santa and my family.  Since Noah isn't old enough to wake up earlier from excitement, he woke up at 7:30 like he usually does.   I grew up where Santa left our stockings in our room (our outside our door) and we were allowed to open it when we woke up.  I was notorious for getting up super early (like before 5 am early) on Christmas, so this gave my parents some extra sleeping time or time to get dressed and ready to go downstairs.  We've continued this tradition and Noah found his stocking on his changing table and opened it in his room.  We purposefully filled it with things that could keep him entertained for at least 30 minutes (books, stickers, Curious George & Thomas DVDs, matchbox cars, etc).  Chris and I took turns reading books and using the stickers while I brushed my hair and teeth and Chris grabbed some donuts and hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts.  We couldn't have planned it better!

We then headed downstairs to open gifts.  Santa brought Noah a work bench and we gave him a bunch of gifts as well.  The first gift he opened was a toy cash register and it was definitely his favorite.  We knew it would be a hit, and we probably should have held it back til last, because once he opened it he just wanted to play with that instead of opening more gifts.  

After Noah opened all his gifts under the tree, we took him into the basement where Grandma and Grandpa Santa (my parents buy one gift for each of the grandkids that is technically from Santa) left him a train table!  He was so excited about it, especially since whenever we asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him, he said "choo choo".  

My parents and brother then came over to give Noah his presents.  I get my love for Christmas from my mom.  She works so hard to make sure everyone has a magical Christmas and gets gifts they love.  My mom had to take a separate car to our house because she had so many gifts to bring in what she called her "sleigh".  Noah is going through a big Jake and the Neverland Pirates phase right now, so he loved all the legos and dress up toys he got!

But I'd have to say his favorite gift was his new iPad mini from Grandma & Grandpa!  He had no clue what it was from the box and actually tossed it aside at first!  But once Chris opened it and put the case on, he immediately clued in started watching his YouTube digger shows.  He was a happy camper on Christmas!

My parents and brother then left so that Noah could nap.  They were also waiting for my older brother and his family to arrive from Rhode Island.  The kids opened their gifts from Grandma & Grandpa and then everyone came back over for a super relaxed Christmas dinner.  In my family, we prefer the appetizers to an actual dinner.  So we did just that and had a few pastas and salad to make it a real meal.  The cousins exchanged gifts and then spent the rest of the night playing together.  Noah loves playing with his older cousins, Matthew (4) and Kaitlyn (7).  Aidan (who's also 2) prefers to play on his own most of the time.  Christmas has become that much more fun now that there are more kids running around the house!

It was a busy two days and we had a blast.  We feel so blessed to be able to spend Christmas with our families and to truly make it a special time for Noah.  Merry Christmas!


  1. OH I LOVE your new blog template!! Looks awesome :) Looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas :) Love all of Noah's expressions as he opens the gifts! xo

  2. BEST DAY ever for Noah!!!! He got some amazing gifts!!! I bet he is over the moon with that iPad (be careful, it's addicting! lol). Mason got some of the same gifts and loved them. He got that basketball hoop and a work bench too (is yours Melissa and Doug?). I love the picture of him and his cousins hugging! So, so sweet! So happy you guys had such a wonderful day!

  3. Love that he ate one of Santa's cookies! We forgot to leave stuff out for him this year, but won't forget in the future!


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