The Adventure Starts Here: A Toronto Wedding

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Toronto Wedding

Whew... we are back from our trip to Toronto and back to our normal schedule.  While I enjoy traveling, I always appreciate coming back home!  Last Thursday (Thanksgiving), we flew from Newark to Toronto.  I have to say that it's pretty great flying on Thanksgiving morning.  The airport wasn't busy at all and had no trouble with security.  Noah did amazing on the plane and seemed to love having his own seat.  We were prepared with books, stickers, and of course the iPad (with headphones) to keep him entertained.  He also liked switching from sitting with me, to Chris, to my parents.  It definitely helps to have more hands when flying with a toddler!

Our flight landed just after 12.  We had hoped to pick up the rental car, get some lunch, and have Noah fall asleep in the car on the way to the hotel.  We figured if he did that we would even drive around a bit to let him sleep.  Plans always change, and it took much longer to get our car than I expected.  By the time we got in the car, it was almost 3 o'clock!  Noah did fall asleep in the car, and we kept driving past our exit in hopes that he'd continue sleeping.  But then we hit traffic and with the stop and go of the car, he woke up.  Long day of traveling and a super short nap is not a great combination.  Especially when we had the rehearsal dinner that night that didn't start til 7!  I tried my hardest to get Noah to go back to sleep in the hotel room, but at 6 pm I finally gave up!  

My parents hosted the rehearsal dinner at the Keg Mansion.  The Keg is a chain steak house in Canada, but the Keg Mansion is at an old historic mansion in downtown Toronto.  It's always beautiful, but especially this time of year with the Christmas decorations.  The food was amazing and Noah did great and even lasted until 9:30.  We ended up leaving before dessert when Noah started lying on the ground wanting to go to sleep!  I was actually shocked how well he handled it all for so long!

^^^ Luke & Tyler

^^^ my parents 

^^^ my siblings

^^^ my family 

^^^ Tyler's siblings (he's a twin and has twin sisters as well!)

^^^ Tyler's family

Friday morning, the big day!  We started the morning by walking a few blocks to get some Tim Horton's for breakfast.  We were looking forward to Noah having his first Timbits (like munchkins).  However, it was a normal working Friday for Toronto and we were down in the Financial District.  The place was super busy and they were out of Timbits and said it would take 30 minutes for more!  We picked some donuts out of the limited selection that was left, but Noah didn't seem to care :)

We had a plan for the rest of day, but it didn't really go the way we had hoped.  The girls (my mom, sister, a friend of Luke's, and me) went to get our hair done at a local Blow Out Bar.  While we were gone, Chris and Noah went to the CN Tower with my dad and brother, David.  They then picked us up at the salon and we went to get lunch.  Since we grew up in Canada, we have some favorite restaurants that we HAVE to go to every visit.  One of those is Swiss Chalet.  We found one nearby, but it was just an "express" without seating.  We asked where the next closest one was, and they sent us kind of out of the way to a mall!  We ended up getting our yummy chicken lunch, but finished a lot later than we expected.  We got back to the hotel at 1:30 and needed to be at pictures at 2!  We originally had planned to do pictures with the whole family from 2-3 and bring Noah home for a nap. Instead, Noah fell asleep on the way home from lunch, so Chris stayed with him in the hotel while he slept.  The rest of us got read SUPER FAST and headed over to the University of Toronto campus (where Luke & Tyler met) for some pictures.   Since the wedding was going to be late at night (and I had a few responsibilities as Best Person), I was hoping Noah would have a long nap.  Nope... he slept for 70 minutes tops!  He often does this at home, but those days he just goes to bed earlier!  

I was really getting worried about how Noah was going to handle the late night wedding.  The ceremony wasn't even starting until 8 and my toast was going to be at 9.  We brought him stickers to keep him entertained (and quiet) during the ceremony and he had fun for a little while at the reception.  Immediately after my speech, he lost it!  He was crying and walking towards me and tripped and fell on the ground.  I knew right then we needed to leave.  I was bummed that I didn't get to spend more time with my family, but this little boy needed to get home to bed!  We quickly gathered all of our bags and coats and walked the 7 minute walk back to the hotel.  

Luke & Tyler had a beautiful wedding.  I was so honored to be his Best Person and I'm glad and relieved that I was able to fulfill my duties.  While I didn't get to enjoy the food and dancing, I heard it was a lot of fun!  I've also learned that it's hard to travel with a toddler when there are schedules and places you are expected to be.  Our previous vacations with Noah have been very relaxed and always revolved around his naps.  Considering the circumstances, Noah really was a trooper and did remarkably well besides not wanting to nap on "our schedule" :)  


  1. Congratulations to your brother and his new husband!! :) Sounds like it was a bad time for a little one, you can only expect so much right!? He seems to have done great! He looks SO sweet in his little newsboy cap!

  2. I have to admit, like every bride and groom - my husband and I were so busy that night, we didn't get a chance to eat! But I did hear from my family and friends that the food and service was great! All in all, this is a great place to have your vow renewal or wedding reception!


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