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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Turkey Turkey Turkey | Thanksgiving Crafts

While we won't technically be home for Thanksgiving Day (we will be in Toronto for my brother's wedding), we will be hosting an early Thanksgiving.  This will be the first time I've ever hosted a major holiday since it's also the first big holiday living in a house!  

In addition to planning a menu and tablescape, I've also been doing a few festive crafts with Noah.  I love searching Pinterest for ideas!  Noah and I had so much fun making this turkey.  I've found that if I do the craft with him, he can see what's supposed to be done without me getting to involved and doing it for him.  You can barely tell who made each!

I simply cut a paper plate in half, cut up some different colored tissue paper into squares, and cut the turkey parts out of construction paper.  A little bit of glue and we were in business :)

Last year, I found this turkey craft at Michaels.  He was too young for it then, and to be honest he was still a little too young for it.  My mom and I had to help him A LOT, but he had fun squirting the glue :)

Last night, we did this "stained glass" turkey.  I say we because Noah lost interest faster than I expected and I finished putting the pieces of tissue paper on.  He came back when it was time to glue the eyes on ;)


  1. These are too cute and Noah is adorable! Happy Holidays!! :)

  2. Umm, I seriously LOVE both of these crafts! I need to try some crafts with Mason and see if he will sit still long enough to try them!


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