The Adventure Starts Here: Packing for Toronto

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Packing for Toronto

My little brother is getting married in 2 weeks! In addition to writing my "best person" toast, I also need to pack.  We will of course need outfits for a rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself, but we will also be visiting some family and of course just hanging around/getting ready for the big day.  Here's a preview of things Noah and I will be wearing while in Toronto.

When traveling pre-Noah, I could stay entertained on a flight with my iPhone, some headphones, and maybe some magazines I picked up prior to boarding.  While I know I won't be doing any of these things on our flights, I need to pack a bag full of things to keep Noah happy.  Thankfully, our flight to Toronto is only an hour and a half, but I still want to be prepared.  I want to bring just a few things that will keep Noah entertained for a while.  Based on Megan's suggestion, we are also going to get these headphones for him to use with the iPad.

Tommy Hilfiger duffel | iPad | Turtle Buckle Toy
book | Water Wow | Stickers

In my bag, I plan to bring only the essentials.  

bag | diaper clutch | mini wallet (I'm loving the Fall colors)
chapstick & lipstick | scarf that doubles as a blanket (old Tommy Hilfiger) | iPhone

And since you never know what kind of accident you might have on a flight, I'm going to have Chris bring a backpack with a change of clothes for each of us as well as extra diapers and wipes.   Wish us luck that we won't need them ;)


  1. Love that scarf and the dress for the wedding! Everything looks so comfy! I want.

  2. Oh my gosh, how fun you are going to Toronto! Congrats to your brother! I'm LOVING that chambray shirt/leggings combo. I love it every time I see it on someone and want it for myself. I haven't found the perfect shirt yet that is long enough for my liking :)


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