The Adventure Starts Here: Noah's Big Boy Room Reveal

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Noah's Big Boy Room Reveal

Noah's big boy room is finally looking more complete.  While Noah is not in this room full time yet, I loved setting it up for him for when he's ready.  I chose a transportation theme.  I included cars, trucks, trains, as well as things related to travel.  

In one corner, I made a reading nook for Noah.  This is where I like to keep his seasonal books.  He has bedtime type books in his nursery and the rest of his books are in the living room reading nook.  I like that he can access the books himself and either sit on the ottoman or in his chair.  

Ottoman - Tommy Hilfiger, Chris brought home from work

I also hung up this map to document Noah's travels.  We put a push pin in for each city he visits.  I have to update it with his more recent travels, once I find the box where I packed the push pins ;)  We also started a new collection for Noah... golf balls.  When we visit a new city we try to find Noah a golf ball with it's name on it.  Chris has a huge collection of golf balls, so we thought it would be fun for Noah to collect them too. 

golf ball display | frame was a cork board from Container Store | map from Ebay

Since we still use Noah's nursery to do his diaper changes and get him dressed, this dresser doesn't currently hold much.  But I love the pop of color this red dresser provides to the room.  I bought some Ikea Skubb drawer organizers so that I'm prepared for when Noah makes the permanent move.   Noah's Uncle Justin got him this TV/DVD player for his first Christmas.  We decided not to run the Fios to this TV and however just use it to watch the occasional DVD.  Recently, Noah has liked to wind down at night by watching an episode of Thomas the Train.   

dresser | train canvas - Home Goods
The Jelly Belly dispenser was Chris'... we really need to fill it up!

I shared Noah's bed area in this past post.  I am still in love with the framed license plate map!

Bedside Table (Ikea, no longer sold)
Nightlight (Target)
License Plate Print (similar) & Frame 

Since we pushed Noah's bed up against the wall (to limit the chance of him falling out), we had a pretty large empty wall.  I filled it with some Ikea artwork and a magnetic board.  We store some magnets as well as his train set in the basket.  While I'm changing the sheets he likes to play with his trains.  Chris and him often play in here before bed as well, whether it's reading books, playing trains, or throwing magnets at the wall ;)

Here's a little story about the Ikea travel prints...  I had seen these New York, London, and Paris prints on and knew I wanted to get them for Noah's room.  I took a screen shot of the page on my phone so I would remember to look for them when we went to Ikea.  I looked all over and couldn't find them.  I found the closest employee and showed her the picture of them on my phone.  She said they were discontinued :( but that there was a living room in the showroom that had them on display.  She said I could have them (the prints were even framed) and they'd be offered at a discount since they were the floor model!  She led me through the maze (shortcuts and all) back to the showroom to get the prints for me.  In the elevator upstairs I learned that she was the interior designer for the showroom and she was down in the marketplace picking out new items to use in future decorating.  I'm so glad I just happened to ask her for help!  

She took the frames right off the wall and only one of the frames was scratched.  She said that with the crazy discount that it would still make financial sense to buy them as is and buy one replacement frame.  She gave me her name and said to just tell the cashier that they were off the floor and that she got them for me.  She also said I should get 30-40% off the ticketed price.  The three prints with frames were only $17.99, and the cashier took 40% off, so we only paid $10.79 for them.  The replacement frame was only $5.99, so it was definitely worth it!  

magnetic board | basket - Target, no longer online

So there you have it... Noah's Big Boy Room!  


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! Noah is one lucky boy! I think I mentioned in the last post, I love the bedding! I'd been eyeing that at PBK for a long time! But I'm also LOVING that red dresser!!!! It is the perfect pop of color in the room. And I'm still loving that license plate framed artwork as well! Great job!

  2. Oh I just love how his room turned out! And his room looks huge; that is nice you had so much space to work with! I really want to do a map like that for Liam, especially since we travel so much!


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