The Adventure Starts Here: Noah turns 2! | A Family Affair!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Noah turns 2! | A Family Affair!

My baby is officially 2!  We had Noah's kid party on Saturday, and we spent Sunday just celebrating with family.  Even with daylight savings, Noah slept until 8:15 old time/7:15 new time!  While Noah was sleeping, Chris ran to the store and picked up this Elmo balloon and some donuts.  Noah was so surprised to see Elmo and the balloon on his changing table!

We came downstairs to sing Noah "Happy Birthday" again but this time using donuts instead of a cake.  Noah hasn't mastered blowing out candles, but he still seems to enjoy the whole experience.  He especially likes the eating part... cake or donuts, he doesn't discriminate!

Noah didn't even finish his donuts before he noticed his pile of presents on the table.  He immediately stopped eating and went to open them!  We got him the table he's sitting at above, some trucks, a construction outfit, and things for his kitchen. He LOVED everything!

After Noah's nap, we had a little celebration with the family.  Grandma, Grandpa, Nonna, Granddad, Uncle Luke, Uncle Justin, and Great Gram came over for Noah's birthday dinner.  They brought over a ton of gifts... Noah is definitely loved!

Noah's cousins (Kaitlyn, Matthew, and Aidan) got him this toy drill.  I love his face when he realizes what it is!

Uncle Luke got him some dinosaurs... ROAR!

Uncle Justin got him some cool trucks!

Great Gram got him this cool Melissa & Doug Animal Sorter Truck.  

Grandma & Grandpa got Noah the Cozy Coupe with the trailer and the gas pump.  It was a hit!

We also watched the SUPER LONG video I made of Noah's 2nd Year.  I had an easier time making the video than I had trying to get it off my computer!  Because it was so large, I couldn't upload it onto YouTube and I had to upgrade my operating system before I could use the Cloud.  Finally I was able to get it onto my iTunes and we were able to watch it on our Apple TV!  This is the only reason I miss my old Mac... I used to just burn a DVD!

We picked up some Chinese food (Noah's favorite) for a casual dinner at home.  It was the first time that we had both sets of family over at once and we even had to put the extra leaves of our table in!  We made sure to get pictures of Noah with everyone!

^^^ Grandma & Grandpa

^^^ Nonna & Granddad

^^^ Uncle Luke

^^^ Uncle Justin

^^^ Great Gram

After a quick photo break, we had some cake!  Chris' parents picked up this delicious cake and we decorated with Noah's other love... diggers!  The cake was white cake with real strawberries and a custard filling.  We asked them to do chocolate to make it look like dirt, ad we added the construction toys.  It turned out great and Noah loved it!

Happy Birthday my sweet little boy!  You have a family that loves you so much!  I feel blessed to be able to celebrate your life and birthday!  Here's to another great year!


  1. looks like Noah had a super fun birthday weekend!! So cute! xo

  2. It is so wonderful that yall are surrounded by so much family! Happy birthday Noah!


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