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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's The Little Things | Noah's Birthday Party

On Saturday, we had an all kids' birthday party for Noah.  We had it at our house and did a Bubble Guppies theme.  We kept it simple with just some pizza, chips, and cake for dessert.  

We had 10 of Noah's friends and their parents come to his party.  We had Wompy's (Noah's music class) come as entertainment for the party.  We all (33 in total) went down to the basement for 45 minutes of music.  The kids loved it and all got really into it!  

We then came upstairs for pizza and cake.  We ordered way too much pizza and had 7 pies leftover!!! I guess it's hard to eat when watching your toddler!

Time for cake!  We got this Bubble Guppies cake from a Morristown Bakery.  They decorated the cake and we added the figurines.  I love how it turned out, but just like the pizza, we had WAY too much!

Since we had a ton of leftovers, we made some calls and my mom and brother came over for some pizza and cake.  We then opened up all of Noah's gifts.  He got some great toys!  We are really lucky to have made such great friends!

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  1. Awww... happy birthday little man!! That cake looks so cool and what a great idea- to entertain the kids with music!!!
    XO sarita it's my girls' world

  2. Bubble Guppies!!!!!! One of Lily's very favorite shows! Seems like a fun party for all. Love that his music class came for the party as entertainment! So much fun!

  3. Noah looks like he had the best time at his party!!! I love the theme and I love how you decorated! How fun that his music class could come and play for the kids. Sounds like the best day! Happy 2nd birthday Noah!

  4. Happy belated Birthday to Noah!!! I always over estimate everything food wise at a party. Love that you had the music party class come over, good idea. Pizza and cake, can't go wrong!


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