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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's The Little Things | A Day In The Life

I'm back today with another "A Day In The Life" posts.  I decided I wanted to do these quarterly to really see how our lives change throughout the year.  Here's my posts from August 2014May 2014January 2014, and April 2013.  

Today is Tuesday, November 11th.  Chris is 36, I am 30, and Noah is 2 years old.

7:13 Noah wakes up in a happy mood.  I was in his big boy bed with him like usual. He immediately wanted to watch videos on my phone.  I was okay with it since it gave me some time to wake up slowly.  

7:34 Chris calls us on FaceTime while he walks from the train station to his office.  He had a work dinner last night and didn't get to see Noah.  

7:40 We are finally out of bed.  I get Noah a fresh diaper and he helps me make the beds.  He loves to help by handing me the pillows.  I quickly brush my teeth and we head downstairs.  

7:54  Noah watches an episode of Bubble Guppies while we eat breakfast. He has some Greek Yogurt and I have Cheerios with bananas.  I also use this time to read a few blogs on my phone.  

8:11 Meanwhile, I get a text that Chris has arrived at work.  I love getting these daily texts.  Noah plays with some toys while I quickly zip through last night's Dancing with the Stars.

8:59 We go upstairs to get dressed.  We come downstairs, get our shoes and jackets on and head out for a walk around the neighborhood.

9:57 We are back at home and I sit down for a few minutes to cool down.

10:10 Time to shower and get ready for the day.  Noah joins me in the shower.  Then while I'm "doing my hair" and putting makeup on, he plays with my blow dryer and curling irons (completely cold and unused).

11:05 Today I had a craft for Noah to work on.  I've been trying to do a craft with Noah each week, and today was a Thanksgiving inspired one.  He did a lot better than I expected with the glue.  I did have to help him, but he seemed to really enjoy it.  Stay tuned next week for the end result.

11:22 Noah eats his lunch.  Noah LOVES cheese, so today I gave him a few slice of muenster, some crackers, a bowl of peaches, and some fruit snacks.  While he's eating, I made myself a chicken salad sandwich with some chips.

11:36  Noah eats most of his food pretty quickly.  He then sees my chips and starts getting upset.  I bring him a few, but it doesn't seem to be helping.  I let him out of his chair and he goes to the pantry.  I tell him he can pick something else to eat, but he's still just upset.  He finds the tape measure on the counter and wants to play with it, but I say no because I don't want him getting hurt.  Instead, I distract him by taking out the bin with all of his tools and construction outfit... SUCCESS!  He plays with that while I finish eating.  We then cleaned up the toys and watched an episode of Curious George before heading up for nap.

 1:10  Noah is asleep.  I use this time to take some pictures for future blog posts.  I watch a little bit of The Chew while I go through Noah's Christmas books from last year.  I wanted to see how many more I need for the 25 Day of Books we will do again this year.   I came back upstairs to work on my laptop for the rest of Noah's nap.

2:55 Noah wakes up crying, so I rock him for a little while.  A friend calls to say she won't be able to come to our play date because her son has an ear infection.  When I get off the phone, Noah decides he wants to call Chris.  They have a 2 second FaceTime call while I change his diaper.

3:10  We go downstairs to make our afternoon smoothies.  Today we put in apples, orange, banana, strawberries, and carrots.  Noah drinks at least a whole glass!

3:40  Becky & Owen arrive for our play date.  Owen fell asleep in the car and sleeps on Becky for a good 45 minutes.  Noah continues to play and Becky and I get to chat.

4:20 Nicole & Quinn arrive... they were late because Quinn was napping.  The 3 kids play really well together.  We had to help them with taking turns but they loved playing with the car and the push duck.  They moved so fast I could only get blurry pictures!

5:45  Nicole & Quinn head home.  Becky stayed to avoid traffic, so I offered them the pasta I was making for Noah and me.  We ate dinner and then they left around 7.

7:02  I start cleaning up the toys and do all the dishes.  I text Chris and he says he will be home soon :)

7:23  Chris is home and Noah is super excited to see him.  Noah wants to play immediately and is not very patient while Chris eats his dinner.  Finally, Chris is done dinner and they head down to the basement to play.  Noah always wants to play with the Thomas train as soon as he gets down there.  He literally screams in excitement for it!

7:45  I go upstairs and let the boys play.  I get changed into my PJs and relax a little on my computer.

8:27 The boys come upstairs for bath.  Noah loves to squirt Chris with water and get him soaking wet!

8:47  Bath is done.  I get Noah in his PJs while Chris get his cup of milk.  They read (and act out) Llama Llama Nighty Night and then it's time for bed.

^^^ "PJs on, then potty time.  Snuggle in, turn out the light.  Llama Llama, nighty night"

8:55 I rock Noah until he falls asleep.

9:24  Noah is asleep in his crib.  I brush my teeth and put my retainer in.  I finish up this blog post and turn in for the night :)

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  1. Those smoothies look delicious! Love the picture of Noah in his dress up gear and tools!!! Beyond precious! So are ya'll using both the big boy bed and the crib?

  2. Oh my gosh! I am tired just reading this :) Sounds like you guys had a fun day though! I love the craft you are doing and can't wait to see the finished product.
    I love Noah's pjs in the las pic! Are they Hanna Andersson? I LOVE her pjs but wish they weren't so expensive!

  3. I just love these posts! And I love that you do so many crafts with Noah. I'm going to try a few this holiday season!


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