The Adventure Starts Here: Happy 24 Months (aka 2 years) Noah!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy 24 Months (aka 2 years) Noah!

Noah officially turns 2 today!  While I will be recapping his birthday and parties this week, I wanted to do my normal monthly recap today.   This monthly update is a little different than usual.  I had intended to take some pictures of Noah outside on Saturday morning.  However, the weather did not cooperate!  Instead we improvised inside with one of our party decorations :)

What's New:
Noah is no longer a baby!  Not only is he 2, but he just looks like a little boy now instead of a baby.  While I loved the newborn stage and definitely miss all those milestones, I'm so excited for who my little boy is becoming! 

This month we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday and also went to Cayla's 2nd birthday party.  We did a lot of fall activities... nature walk, pumpkin patch, apple picking, and raking leaves.  We also took some family pictures and are dying to get them back!  

We go for his 2 year appointment tomorrow, so here are some more unofficial stats.  Per our scale and measuring tape, Noah weighs 30.2 lbs (down a little from last month) and is still 36 inches tall.  Now that Noah is thinning out and growing taller, I prefer the Carter's sweatpants... he wears a 2T in them.  He wears 2T (3T in Carters) in tops.  I like PJs looser so he wears a 3T (4T in Carters) in those.   He wears a size 7.5 in shoes.

Sleep is pretty much the same.  Going to bed around 9pm most nights and waking twice during the night before getting up for good between 7:30 and 8.  Naps are hit or miss.  On average I'd say he sleeps for about 1.5-2 hours.  Some (horrible) days he sleeps less than an hour while once in a while he will sleep for 3 hours (usually when we have afternoon plans ;).

How old are you Noah?  10... I don't think so!

Favorite Foods:
Noah's favorite foods this month are greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, mac & cheese, apples, bananas, pasta with meat sauce, and chinese food.  We've also started making smoothies when he gets up from his nap again!  Some days I feel like he won't eat meals but rather wants to graze and snack.  Thankfully he usually requests pretty healthy foods like bananas, apples, bread, or cheese.  I just feel weird feeding him such a limited variety!  

Now that's right... you're 2!!!

At the end of this month it seemed like he just started talking more and more.  He even has his own little language where he babbles like he's telling us a story with inflection and everything... it's adorable.  This month, his new words are cheese, digger, diaper, boo, open, please, thanks, down, downstairs, up, hops, bowl, happy, and argyle!   My mom was convinced he said acorn and pocket on our nature walk, but I'm not sure ;)  We also like to pretend we are pirates and say "arrr".  Even though he's talking more, he still acts out a lot of what he's trying to tell us.  I think we'd be really good charade partners!  My dad was over a lot hanging frames on our walls, so now when he sees the frames he says "grandpa" and then makes a hammering motion and says "bam bam bam".  We went pumpkin picking and was throwing the pumpkins (great behavior I know)... so when my mom asked him if he went pumpkin picking he pretended to throw them over his head.  When explaining that he went swimming, he gets on the floor and pretends to do the breast stroke.  I'm going to miss these things when he starts fully talking!  He calls both apples and pumpkins "apple".  We read "It's Pupmkin Day Mouse" quite a bit and they paint 7 pumpkins, one of which has a happy face.  He now says "happy" when he sees a jack-o-lantern... so cute!

Noah loves stuffed animals!  Just a month ago he couldn't care less about them.  His favorites are his Elmo and Llama Llama.  He tucks them in at night and often has to bring Elmo with us on errands.  Elmo even gets to push the elevator buttons!

Noah got some new squirt bath toys that he plays with in the shower with me.  He also started squirting Chris with a spray bottle during baths... sometimes Chris is soaked by the end of it!

Noah still plays with his kitchen every day!  He also loves his trucks and trains.  There was some construction going on at the mall parking lot and he was adamant to stay and watch for a while.  We ended up stopping by the bookstore to get him a digger book.. he was so happy!

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