The Adventure Starts Here: Halloween Recap

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Recap

Halloween 2014 has come and gone!  We had a super busy week leading up to Halloween.  Through our MOMS Clubs we had multiple activities.  

On Tuesday, we went to a nursing home to sing some songs and parade around.  Noah got a little overwhelmed by the crowd and became a little shy and clingy.  He stayed close to me during the entire parade.  He finally loosened up when they brought out the cupcakes :)

On Wednesday, we went to a Halloween Party and Parade.  On Thursday, we dressed up again for a Trunk or Treat!  We all parked our decorated cars on the street and had the kids collect some candy.  All the moms brought some treats as well for the kids to enjoy.  Noah loved the chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzel and the lollipops!  I'm so bummed because I took a bunch of pictures on my good camera.  I loaded them to my computer, everything seemed fine, and I deleted them from my camera.  Then I got an error message and now they are GONE!  I am so glad I could get a few from some friends!

On Friday, we dressed up for music class.  Again, those pictures were lost!  The teacher posted this picture of Noah and me on Facebook :)

Chris was able to leave early from work Friday afternoon.  He was so excited to be able to come Trick or Treating with me and Noah.   Noah helped hand out candy while I made dinner.  After the dinner that Noah barely ate, we headed out for some trick or treating!  Sorry for the grainy pictures... not the easiest to take pictures in the dark with an iPhone!


  1. So stinking cute! Love his costume! This is such a fun age for trick or treating. Mac loved it this year too.

  2. Sounds like you guys had such a good time for Halloween! You got to do so many fun activities last week! Such a bummer about your photos but at least you were able to get some from your friends. And YAY for daddy being able to trick or treat with you guys!

  3. He is quite the handsome firefighter! And I love your complimentary dog ears too!


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