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Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Another week of Chris working late hours.  Despite the long days, Noah and I had a lot of fun this week.  Enjoy my five on Friday...


Noah has recently become obsessed with Thomas the Train.  He loves playing with trains in general, but now he likes to read the books and watch the DVDs.  We just got him these 2 Thomas shirts and he wants to wear them all the time.  The other night he was wearing the blue shirt and when I started changing him into his PJs he got upset and wanted to keep his Thomas shirt on.  I figured sure, why not.  But then he didn't like how his PJ bottoms didn't match his top, so I had to put him in gray sweatpants instead.  I was cracking up that he was so particular with what he was going to wear to bed!


I don't know about you, but all I seem to be thinking about lately is Christmas.  I love making this time of year special and this year we will be doing an advent calendar for Noah.  I want to fill the little pockets with fun treats for him each day.  Many days will just be a piece of candy, but on some days I want it to be more of a gift.  I thought putting Christmas socks inside a few of the pockets would be cute.  But when I went to look for some I couldn't find any in Noah's 2T size!  Anyone have any suggestions for toddler Christmas socks for boys???

advent calendar


I have accumulated quite a few craft supplies for Noah.  He really enjoys coloring and using stickers. I also like to plan holiday/season themed crafts to do with him which often include paint or glue.  My parents also just got him some play dough for his birthday.  Originally I just had a basket on the counter for his craft supplies, but now that it's grown I figured I needed a better system.  I found these stacking drawers at Walmart and put them in our kitchen closet.  Now the drawers are filled with our supplies.  It's so convenient to have everything close by but also put away neatly when we are done :)


Anyone with a toddler will know that it's not always the easiest to run errands with them in the cart.  Noah is usually pretty good, so either as an incentive to remain well behaved or a reward at the end of the trip, I usually let him pick out a little (and cheap) treat.  At Target we swing by the dollar section, but this past week we went to Walmart instead.  During this trip, he found a little frog bath toy and these plates.  I thought they were adorable too, so into the cart they went...  It's amazing how something little like this can make a toddler so happy :)


Finally, my mom's birthday is tomorrow!   We will be celebrating tomorrow night with dinner at the house.  She really is the best mom and friend I could ever have asked for.  I hope she has a fantastic weekend!

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  1. How funny he is so picky about his clothes! We've been mixing and matching Mason's pjs lately because some things fit and some don't and then it's cold but not cold enough for pants and long sleeves. California weather I tell ya. He doesn't know the different so it's so funny to see a boy with an opinion! Honestly, if it were up to Mason, he would sleep naked LOL.
    Those bins are so smart. We kept Mason's craft stuff on the counter because some of it I don't want him getting into and making a mess when it isn't mess time lol. I need some sort of bins to put them in thought because the counter is covered!
    Happy birthday mom! Hope you had a fun weekend celebrating!


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