The Adventure Starts Here: First Snow Day of the Season

Friday, November 28, 2014

First Snow Day of the Season

Chris LOVES playing in the snow with Noah.  We went out many times last year, but we were looking forward to the snow this year since it's so much easier to just walk out our front door to play.   On Wednesday, New Jersey got some snow and Chris immediately asked if we could go play in it.  So after Noah woke up from his nap, we bundled up and headed outside.  I have to give Chris credit... he doesn't just go outside with Noah, he gets on the ground and rolls around in the snow with him.  He gets wet and cold while I stay relatively warm and take pictures... a match made in heaven ;)

my hat | my scarf (other colors)

^^^ Noah had fun throwing and catching snowballs!

^^^ two versions of flying... both lots of fun!

^^^ he even thinks shoveling is fun!

^^^ I had to remind these boys it was getting dark and cold, and that they weren't at the beach ;)


  1. Aww such cute photo's. We get so much snow in the winter, but it's a really dry dusty snow because it's so dry here, so we can't really build snowmen or snow castles like Noah is ;)

  2. So cute!!! I love the snow castles. Totally reminds me of the beach. And throwing him in the air... Mason LOVES it when Seth does that. He giggles so much and it makes me so happy!


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