The Adventure Starts Here: An Early Thanksgiving

Monday, November 24, 2014

An Early Thanksgiving

Since we will be away on actual Thanksgiving this year, Chris and I decided to host an "Early Thanksgiving" with our families.  My parents and brother and Chris' parents came over yesterday after Noah's nap.  It was my first time hosting a holiday and my first time making a turkey!  Thankfully, Chris is a huge help and both our moms brought some side dishes.  

Normally, I would have loved to set the table the day before, but since Noah likes to touch everything, I opted to do it while he napped the day of.  It was also our first time using the China we registered for when we got married.  I was racking my brain as to what to do for a centerpiece, and then Chris came home with this on Saturday... it was perfect!

 Here's a closer look at our dishes and place settings.  Noah got a special Thanksgiving plate, since there was no chance he would be getting our nice China!  

We had a few appetizers, a huge turkey (followed the Martha Stewart recipe) and a bunch of sides, and some yummy pies for dessert!

The grandparents played with Noah while we finished making dinner.  He sure is loved!

I even set up the tripod so we could get a group shot.  One in front of the fireplace and another at the dinner table.

Then Noah got a hold of the camera remote and started having fun taking a ton of pictures!

^^^ resting after eating too much food... and texting Tyler ;)

Noah loves when company comes over and joins in on the laughing when ever a joke is told.  He is such a riot!  

I wonder who he gets it from???

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving, even if it was a few days early :)


  1. Well I had so much to comment on, but then that last picture just slayed me! Where are yall going for Thanksgiving?

  2. How fun!!! Love your table runner and love the pictures of Noah with the camera clicker...especially the bottom right one! Too cute! Happy early Thanksgiving!

  3. Love your table setting and your China is so pretty!


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