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Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Pictures

After many super busy weekends, it was nice to have one where we weren't running around nonstop.  However, once you have a house, you know that there is never a weekend with nothing to do.  We stayed pretty busy tackling our never ending to-do list!  

Friday afternoon, Noah and I went apple picking with our MOMS Club.  One of the mom's family owns a farm in town, so we were able to have a private apple picking session ;)   Before heading home, we stopped by my parents' house.  That's where I discovered that Noah had some pretty bad diaper rash (first time ever!).  It made for a pretty unhappy boy... playing in the sink seemed to make him happy at least!  We got Chinese food for dinner and Chris met us there after work.  

Normally, we have swim class on Saturday mornings.  But because of said diaper rash, we thought it would be best to avoid the chlorine.  Instead, we went to a town event that had been rained out last weekend.  It was held in a strip mall right around the corner from our neighborhood.  All the vendors were out giving out little treats and they even had a DJ, petting zoo, and balloon animals! 

Dunkin Donuts gave out full Boston Creme Donuts!  Noah like it until he got to the cream... I was the lucky one who got to finish it!

^^^ It's supposed to be a dog ;)

On Sunday, we met up with my friend, Kristen, to have some family pictures taken.  We hope to use one on our Christmas card and also wanted to get some of Noah for his 2nd Birthday!  It was a little windier and colder than I would have liked, but I still think it went well.  I can't wait to see how they turned out. 

Sunday afternoon, Chris worked around the house and ran some errands and I planned out a gallery wall on the stairs.  

Noah grilled despite the cold while Chris swept the leaves off the deck.  

We then had some spaghetti for dinner.  Though Noah decided he'd rather just eat the shredded cheese!

Was your weekend filled with real plans or a bunch of random stuff like ours?

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  1. Boston Creme Donuts?!?! My husband would LOVE that! He LOVES Boston Creme Pie. Too bad we don't have a Dunkin' Donuts here :(
    Your weekend sounds so fun though! Sometimes simple is best. I love having plans and I love being busy but I love not having a single plan to do. I don't even really like football, but sitting at home, doing nothing, and watching football on Sunday sounds pretty tempting right now!


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