The Adventure Starts Here: Noah is 23 Months!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Noah is 23 Months!!!

Wow, I can't believe I will have a 2 year old next month!  We've actually already started to teach him how to hold up two fingers and he can say "I two"!!!  I've been going back and forth with how often I will be doing these kind of updates after he turns 2.  Should I continue on with the monthly updates or switch to quarterly or random updates?  What do you think?

What's New:
I feel like every month is busy!  This month, we took Noah on his longest car trip to date... 5+ hours to upstate New York (where our hotel was) for my Uncle's wedding in Alburgh, Vermont.   This was the first time that Noah met 2 of my uncles/aunts, 4 of my cousins, and 6 of the second cousins (my cousins' kids).  

It was also Noah's first visit (mine as well) to the Bronx Zoo.  We've been to small zoos a few times, but this was only his second real big zoo (Miami was the first).  

We also took Noah to his first baseball game.  It was just a minor league game, but we wanted to start him off slow to see if he was at all interested.   This is when we learned that he is not a fan of characters/mascots!  

We also started Wompy's (music class) and Swimming again.  I like having a few organized classes a week for him and then filling the remainder with play dates, walks, and trips to the playground.  

Noah had his first (and second) real "boo-boo".  He fell on the sidewalk and skinned his knees.  The first time he was with Chris when it happened and apparently didn't even cry that much.  He seemed more concerned about it after we put the bandaid on kept pointing at it upset for a few days after.  

Another month of unofficial stats.  Our last visit to the doctor was for his 18 month appointment and we will go again when he's 2.   Per our scale and measuring tape, Noah weighs 31 lbs and is still 35 inches tall (3 feet when wearing shoes... see below).  I think we can safely say we've switched over to wearing pants instead of shorts now.  Noah wears size 18-24M in sweatpants and 2T in jeans.  He wears 2T (3T in Carters) in tops.  I like PJs looser so he wears a 3T (4T in Carters) in those.   He wears a size 7.5 in shoes.

Sleep is still not ideal but I would like to say we are improving.  Like I said last month, we've completely weaned Noah from the milk bottles.  He still likes his bottle as a soother, but now he drinks just water from it. This month I've noticed that we are having a later bedtime.  Now I'd say the average time Noah goes to bed is between 8:30 and 9.  I like this bedtime because it gives Chris extra time to play with Noah when he gets home from work.  And usually this means he will sleep past 7:30 (we even had a few mornings where Noah slept til 8:30).  Noah is also sleeping longer stretches in his crib.  I love the nights where his first wake up is 2 am :)  Naps are usually pretty good.  He often sleeps 2 hours in his crib.  Sometimes I can even get a 3 hour nap out of him, but occasionally I only get an hour and a half.

Favorite Foods:
Noah is definitely a fan of sweets.  He was asking for ice cream or popsicles multiple times a day.  Thankfully, moving the ice cream to the basement freezer and installing the lock on the freezer has helped a lot.  All in all he's a great eater, but like any other toddler it's hit or miss if he will like something from one day to the next.  His staples this month are greek yogurt, waffles, pretzel goldfish, hard boiled eggs, mac & cheese, pasta with meat sauce, and chinese food.  

I think Noah is starting to enter through the language explosion phase!  He now tries to repeat most words I say.  This month, his new words (that I can clearly understand) are water, hot, brrr (for cold), hat, bottle, bug, bubbles, boo-boo.  It's not that clear, but he is trying to say thank you when I give him things... it's so cute!   Since he's speaking more now, I found it was the perfect time to start doing more structured learning with him through "toddler preschool" at home.  

For the kid that wouldn't go down a slide last month, he now LOVES them!  Gymboree has helped so much with his confidence at the playground.  He's even more adventurous at home with climbing on things and wanting me to play airplane with him.

Noah loves to help!  He wants to be a part of any chore that I'm doing.  I have him put our dirty laundry into our hampers each morning.  He also empties the hamper into the baskets so I can bring downstairs.   He loves helping me empty the dishwasher too.  I make sure to take the knives out first and then the breakable dishes.  But he likes putting the silverware back and handing me the tupperware, cutting boards, and bottles... it's so cute.  He is also getting better at helping me clean up!  At meal time, he gets his big and fork and spoon from the drawers and wheels his high chair back to it's spot when we are done.  When we are going out, he gets his own shoes and sits down on the step so I can put them on for him.  It's amazing how much he picks up and mimics.

As for toys, his favorites are anything kitchen related and trucks!  He loves carrying around my real spatulas and spoons.  He even takes them with us when we go on walks around the neighborhood.  A few people have even commented about it when we are out ;)  Whenever we go to friends' houses, he also goes to the trucks first.  I think Noah will be getting some new trucks for his birthday and Christmas!

shirt and shorts are Gap, but no longer available 

I also wanted to wish my nephew, Matthew, a very happy 4th birthday!  Enjoy your special day!


  1. Glad the sleep is a bit better! And I love that he is a little helper- so sweet

  2. I love that he is carrying around a frying pan in all of his pictures. Too cute! You can tell what his favorite toy is right now :)
    Also, his hair slicked back like that... oh my goodness. So handsome!


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