The Adventure Starts Here: It's The Little Things | Weekend Edition

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's The Little Things | Weekend Edition

While we celebrated my dad's birthday and went to Delaware this weekend, there were lot of other "little things" that also happened.  

Noah devoured some Chinese takeout on Friday night!

We snuggled on the couch watching a new Bubble Guppies!

Noah practiced putting on his coat... on backwards ;)

Chris took Noah to the grocery store Saturday morning.  Noah was determined to get the sticker off the apple and succeeded!  

He also helped check out :)

We went to swim class in the rain.  Though you'd think it was a monsoon the way we were dressed!

Noah tried on his new winter coat and hat that Grandma bought him :)

Noah specifically wanted Uncle Luke to put his shoes on for him.  

Noah enjoyed eating apple glazed donuts for breakfast.  

Good thing Noah likes apples... he's a pro at saying it now ;)

We did some diaper and clothing changes in the trunk... keeping it classy!

And Elmo became Noah's new best friend!

I hope your weekend was filled with a bunch of "little things" as well :)

Make sure to stop by Jess and Ashley's blogs for the link up!  


  1. I used to let my Anika help checkout when she was a little girl. She thought it was the coolest thing ever.
    Noah and Elmo, melt my heart :)

  2. That picture of him hugging Elmo- too sweet!!!

  3. I change my kids in the trunk sometimes as well! And all these little adventures make for such a happy boy!!!

  4. Noah sure is getting such a personality!

  5. Oh my goodness. He is just the cutest! Love the pictures of him taking the sticker off the apple and holding Elmo wrapped like a baby. So sweet!


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