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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's The Little Things | Pumpkin Patch

Get ready for a lot of pictures, because this weekend, we took Noah to the pumpkin patch at a local farm.  We went Sunday afternoon when Noah woke up from his nap.  Originally we planned to go Monday, but were worried because the forecast called for rain.  Sunday was beautiful, but man was the farm PACKED!  We lucked out and got good parking, but we had to stand in a few lines.  We went on a hayride around the farm that ended in a pumpkin patch.  With the cost of the hayride, we each got a pumpkin for free.  We also had a ticket to do the pumpkin slingshot, but the line was way too long!  Instead, we took some pictures with the big pumpkins in the store part and bought some little pumpkins and donuts.  

On Monday, Chris was off from work and the rain was holding off, so we headed back to the farm.  Chris really wanted to do the pumpkin slingshot with Noah, and I'm so glad we did it on the Monday instead.  There was no line and we were able to do it many times!  On Monday, my mom and Tyler came with us.  Tyler was here visiting Luke and while Luke had to go to work, Tyler's flight wasn't until the evening.  Tyler was really good at the slingshot!  We then got some corn and bought some more pumpkins, donuts, and my mom picked up a pie :)

While we had a fun weekend at the farm, a local family did not.  At another farm, Alstede Farms, there was a horrible accident.  The specifics have not been released yet, but a mother and child (and two other adults) were hit by a shuttle bus on the farm's property.  The 2 1/2 year old little girl died and the mother was rushed to the hospital for surgery and has a broken leg.  The other two adults were also injured.  My heart breaks for this family as I can't imagine losing Noah in such a horrible way.  We were just at this farm last week with some of my moms friends.  Noah's friends are 2 1/2 so it really hits home.  We all need to be super careful when out in super crowded places with our kids... a fun day can turn tragic so quickly.  Hold your kids just a little tighter!

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  1. So cute! I love pumpkins! And the pumpkin sling shot is so fun, I wish we had one!!

  2. Oh my, that story is so sad (not yours, the other one). My heart breaks when I hear stuff like that!

    GReat pics of you and your crew though :-)

    Sarita XO it's my girls' world

  3. That pumpkin sling shot looks so fun! They have a pumpkin cannon at our pumpkin patch and I think you are able to launch one if you want, but we just saw the worker do it. It would be so fun to launch them yourself though using a sling shot!


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