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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's The Little Things | Noah's 2nd Year

Since Noah is turning 2 on Sunday, I couldn't help but look back at the last year.  I've had so much fun documenting his/our life on the blog and it's a great way to look back at all the exciting things he's/we've done!  Take a look...

November/Month 13

After Noah turned 1 on November 2nd, we had a pretty busy month.  We celebrated my mom's birthday, Noah got his first haircut, and we celebrated Thanksgiving!

December/Month 14

December was all about Christmas!  We went on a Santa Train and went to see Rockefeller Tree in NYC.  Noah wasn't a fan of Santa!  Noah got a lot of new Christmas books and PJs!  Noah also played in the snow for the first time!  Noah stood for the first time on his own a few days before Christmas!  We celebrated Christmas with both families and wished Daddy a very happy birthday!  We ended the year with a low key New Year's Eve!  

January/Month 15

Noah took his first steps in the beginning of January and was walking everywhere by the end of the month!  We started hanging out inside more but had a few snow days!

February/Month 16

We celebrated Valentine's Day.  We also went to Miami for a few days.  It was Noah's first time on an airplane and first time in Florida!

March/Month 17

We celebrated my 30th birthday!  We also went to the St. Patty's Day Parade in our town.  

April/Month 18

We celebrated Easter all month long!  We played with an Easter sensory bin, Noah got a basket, had an easter egg hunt, and went to Easter brunch.  

May/Month 19

We celebrated Noah's Half Birthday!  We took some photos for Mother's Day and celebrated with Grandma and Nonna!  We also kicked off summer with a fun Memorial Day Weekend!

June/Month 20

We spent lots of time outside, at the pool and playground.  We took some photos for Father's Day and celebrated with Grandpa and Granddad.  We also took Noah strawberry picking for the first time!  But the biggest thing this month was buying our new house!

July/Month 21

We celebrated 4th of July doing stuff around the new house.  We moved into our new house!  We spent lots of time on our new deck, playing with the water table and grilling.  Noah loved watching daddy mow the lawn!  Noah became obsessed with smoothies!  We also visited a local splash pad!

August/Month 22

We had a busy last month of summer!  We went to Rhode Island to visit Noah's cousins and made a stop at Yale University on the way home.  Noah got a new play set for the backyard, helped with some gardening, and made sauce with Nonna.  We also went to the zoo and went apple picking!  We also learned that Noah loves tennis and football!

September/Month 23

We listened to live music in Hoboken and went to Vermont for a wedding.  We also spent the day at the Bronx Zoo and took Noah to his first baseball game!  We went back to Morristown for the Fall Festival!

October/Month 24

We celebrated Grandpa's birthday and made a day trip down to University of Delaware.  We went on a nature walk, raked some leaves, and went to the pumpkin patch a few times!  We will be celebrating Noah's 2nd Halloween and excited for him to be a firefighter!  Noah also got his haircut (and didn't cry) and became obsessed with Elmo :)

It's been an amazing year!  Happy (almost) 2nd Birthday Noah!

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  1. i love to see these pictures and how much the kids change over the year!!! Happy (almost) birthday, Noah!
    XO sarita it's my girls' world

  2. What an amazing year! Love the recap! And I can't believe he is turning two in just a few short days!


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