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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's The Little Things | Noah's 2nd Birthday Wishlist

I can't believe Noah will be 2 in about 2 weeks!  We will be having a kids' party for him on the Saturday and then having a small family celebration on his actual birthday.  Since his birthday and Christmas are pretty close together, I've been thinking about what to get Noah for gifts.  While he doesn't necessarily "need" any more toys, I wanted to get him a few things I know he would love as well as things to help him learn.

We will be giving Noah this table and chair set.  He currently has this table and uses it a lot.  While it's great, I want to get him a slightly sturdier and larger table.  He is currently really into arts and crafts and think this will get a lot of use!  My parents are getting him the Little Tikes car with trailer and gas pump.  Noah loves filling up his shopping cart with goodies, so I can just picture him filling up his trailer and going for trips!  I love toys that encourage imaginative play!

Other than that, Noah loves anything kitchen related and cars/trucks/trains.  He loves to copy me when I vacuum and is such a littler helper.  I think he would love this broom set!  I don't think a kid can have too many books or puzzles.  Noah has learned so much from us reading and doing puzzles together!  Noah also loves having new toys for the bath and I think this octopus with rings could be really fun for Noah (and Chris!).  And since Noah is really into trucks right now, I bet he'd love these fire engine pajamas (especially since he's going as a fireman for Halloween!).

Am I missing something a 2 year old boy would absolutely LOVE!

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  1. Great list! My son would love all of those, especially the car/gas pump. It's so hard not to go overboard and buy them everything they will love, but I think you've chosen the exact right amount of stuff :)

  2. Love the items on the list. I bet the gs pump will be a big hit!

  3. How fun is that car and little tow car and the gas pump?! Mason would LOVE one of those! Mason got some Lego Duplos for his 2nd birthday and loves playing with them (aka destroying anything we build)!


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