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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's The Little Things | Little Blue Truck Crafts

Being a mom is a tough job even under the best circumstances.  (I've always said that unless you want kids 110% you shouldn't because they are hard work.)  Throw in being sick and it's miserable!  On Sunday I woke up with a sore throat, but we were able to continue on with our plans.  By Sunday evening I felt worse.  I was supposed to be hosting a play date the next morning and let the other moms know.  I told them I'd let them know how I felt in the morning.  Forget about worrying about spreading germs, Monday morning I felt horrible!  And is it just me or do kids seem needier and more annoying when we are sick??  

Anyway, I am so blessed to live near my parents, so my mom came over to help.  She played with Noah, gave him lunch, went for walks, and got him to nap.  All so that I could sleep... I slept for five hours and it felt so good.  Thankfully I woke up Tuesday feeling much better.  I have a lingering cough but I can deal with that.

I was bummed that I had to cancel our play date.  I was hosting a Baby Book Club.  We were going to read "The Little Blue Truck" to the kids and then do a craft.  I had prepared to do a sheep craft and had a truck coloring page for the younger kids.  Since I had the stuff prepared, I decided to have Noah do it Tuesday afternoon.  

First we made the sheep.  I showed him how to do the first foot and then helped him with the rest.  I glued on the face and when I asked him where the eyes went he showed me.  At first I put a glob a glue on each cotton ball and handed it to him.  But then I found it to be easier to cover the sheep with glue and have noah stick the cotton balls all over.  He was so proud when done and kept saying baa baa!  

don't mind the crayon marks on his table... hey it's only $20 ;)

Next I brought out the watercolor paints and the truck page. For the play date I would have stuck with crayons because of mess, but since it was just Noah I let him paint.  Obviously he preferred a colorful truck instead of the "boring" one colored blue truck ;) 

What arts and craft activities do your toddlers enjoy?

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  1. What a great idea for a playdate? Books and a craft!! Might steal that one :-)

  2. This idea is adorable! Liam would love doing anything involving Little Blue Truck. You're such a fun mom. Hope you're feeling better! ;-)

  3. This is an AMAZING idea! So much fun! I am so bookmarking this to do with Mason. I LOVE that picture of Noah holding up his artwork so proud!


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