The Adventure Starts Here: Halloween Party and Parade

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Party and Parade

This will be our first Halloween in our new house and our new MOMS club. We have lots of halloween activities this week where Noah gets to dress up.  We visited a nursing home on Tuesday to sing some songs and have a mini parade, today we have a trunk or treat, and tomorrow we will dress up for music class as well as go trick or treating in the afternoon.  But today I wanted to share some pictures from the Halloween parade and party we went to yesterday!

Two firemen and their dalmatian :)

Noah with Grandma & Grandpa (my parents)

Noah with Nonna & Granddad (Chris' parents)

We had a great turnout... Over 40 moms came with their kids.  Husbands and grandparents were invited too, so we made it a family affair.  Noah is so lucky to have both sets of grandparents live close by and I think he was the only kid there with both sets of grandparents there!

We started off with the parade, since the rain was forecasted to begin soon!  It started drizzling at the end of our parade around the street.  We then went into the church where they have this amazing set up in the basement for kids to play.  During the week they do a PEP club there (like a mommy and me preschool like program).  We all brought snacks and the kids played and ate some goodies.  I think we found a few toys to add to Noah's wish list!

Noah getting help from mommy, grandma, and nonna!

^^^first toy added to Noah's wish list!

^^^second toy added to Noah's (and Daddy's) wish list!

After the party, we all went to the nearby Friendly's for dinner.  My mom and I both came prepared with crayons and stickers and coloring books to keep Noah entertained... it worked!  He also ate most of his meal and had ice cream for dessert!  It was a really great evening!

Stay tuned next week when I recap the rest of our Halloween activities!

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  1. Oh my gosh, is that one of those toy roller coasters?!?!?! I saw Natasha (Schue Love) has one for Ethan and it looked AWESOME. If only I had a backyard, Mason would LOVE that thing!

  2. Ethan would just love to be a firefighter one day...too bad I stifle him with my costumes!! ;) So darling! Thanks for linking up!! xo

  3. Thanks for sharing the costumes today!

  4. I'm very much enjoying your ears!!! Is the second toy the roller coaster one? I want that for me! It looks so neat. I've seen something similar at our wholesale store. Tempted every time!
    Happy Halloween Eve!

  5. Dying over this cuteness! Best little fire fighter ever! Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. Lots of Halloween Goodness going on in your world. He is an adorable firefighter and you make the cutest dalmation ever. Such creative costumes!!!


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