The Adventure Starts Here: Going back to Delaware

Monday, October 6, 2014

Going back to Delaware

Yesterday, we drove down to Newark, Delaware for the day.  I went to The University of Delaware from 2002-2006 and lived in Hockessin, DE (about 15 minutes away) from 1st-4th grade.  Neither Chris or Noah had ever been, so we decided it was time to make a trip!  We arranged to meet up with my college friends, Sharon and Mike.  They live 5 minutes from campus and Sharon works for the University.  We stopped by their apartment first, and then headed onto campus to have lunch at Klondike Kate's.  Noah did okay considering it was during his normal nap time.  He ate most of his lunch, and the ice cream dessert definitely helped :)

After lunch, we walked around campus.  We had beautiful fall weather... sunny and 60 degrees.  Noah fell asleep in the stroller almost immediately.  We gave Chris a little tour of the campus.  It's amazing how much has changed in the last 8 years!  Since Sharon works on campus, she was up on all the new construction.

Sharon and Mike then headed home since they were going to a friend's house to watch the Jets Game.  Noah woke up when we were saying goodbye.  We continued walking around campus.   I showed them my Freshman and Sophomore dorm.  It's being demolished next year and I have to say it's about time!  They've built some really nice things around there, so it will be nice to have a nice and new dorm there instead of what's there now!  I have some great memories living there, but it's become pretty crappy.  I also showed them the apartment I lived in Junior and Senior year... much nicer! 

Before leaving campus, we went to the bookstore and got Noah a T-shirt and he picked out a UDel football.  We've recently started collecting golf balls for Noah from the different cities we visit.  We made sure to get a UDel one as well, but opted for the cheaper version from the 5 & 10 instead ;) 

Before heading home, we drove out to Hockessin to see my old house.  While the house is how I remember (other than different color shutters and door), it's funny how you remember things differently as a kid.  I used to think the house was on such a steep hill and being scared to go down the driveway on my bike.  It didn't seem as steep this time ;)

We had a great trip.  It makes me think to the day when Noah will be going off to college.  I know he will have the time of his life, but for now I'm glad he's my (almost) 2 year old who likes to be rocked to sleep ;)


  1. How fun!!!! My college is quite far away but I would so love to take Mason and Seth there one day to show them. What a fun walk down memory lane!

  2. How fun that you go to visit your college town! We visited Newark about 2 years ago and couldn't believe how much it had changed in just 2 years! Main Street was full of different restaurants!


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