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Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites

Five on Friday is officially back this week!  It's been a while since the lovely ladies hosted this linkup and I'm excited for it to be back!  While they were gone, I've had so much fun linking up with Oh Hey, It's Friday!  So I've decided the more the merrier and link up with both :)  This week I want to share some of my recent purchases that I'm just in love with!


I know October has just started but I found myself a new winter hat!  I love the slouchy style (like I wore last year) and this one fits that bill.  This hat was originally purchased for Noah.  We were unsure about his size so we bought a few different hats in different sizes from Hanna Anderson.  This specific hat is considered unisex, but honestly it's a little girly for a little boy.  It looked so big on Noah, that I decided to see if it would fit me.  It did, and I loved it, so I kept it!  Don't worry, we found a hat for Noah too ;)


I've been looking for some casual sneakers to wear with jeans, leggings, and sweatpants.  In the past, I always wore the Skechers for comfort, but they were lacking a little in the style department.  I've always loved New Balance sneakers and I was disappointed when I went to the mall and barely any stores carry them anymore... Nike has taken over!  While Nikes are cute, my foot is too wide for them and the price tag is a little high for me.  I remember reading about someone buying kid shoes on a blog (can't remember who!) and decided to ask Foot Locker what the conversion would be.  I wear a Women's 7.5 and thankfully that means I can still fit into kids' shoes!  These are actually boy shoes, but I love the neutral gray color!


During the same trip that I got the sneakers, Noah and I both got new rain boots!  I found mine in JCrew (while looking for New Balance sneakers) and fell in love immediately.  I love that they are low and easily worn with any of my pants.  I also like that they just look like a shiny shoe.  We found Noah's at Nordstrom and he loves wearing them all the time... especially around the house!


I picked up this Elmo washcloth puppet on a recent trip to Walmart.  They had Elmo, Cookie Monster, and the Grouch.  Elmo is his favorite and Noah loves red, so it was a no brainer!  Noah loves playing with it and is upset when we tell him he has to stay in the bath (because he's still drying).  Thankfully we brought out his Elmo stuffed animal (that my mom got him for Christmas last year) for him to play with outside the bath.


I just received this sweater in the mail.  I never know how drapey styles will look on me.  They can either be very flattering or just make me look like a blob.  Thankfully this sweater hung very well.  It's made out of a slightly dressier material so I see myself wearing this more with skinny jeans and some boots to dinners out or even around the holidays.  

drapey sweater

I'm linking up with The Farmer's Wife and September Farm for "Oh Hey Friday"

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  1. Noah and his rainboots- so cute!
    I need to invest in a pair of rainboots for myself :)

  2. Yes! I love slouchy winter hats and drapery sweaters (with leggings and boots)!!! My faves! xx

  3. love that cute slouchy sweater! Perfect for fall and so cozy!

  4. Cute hat!!! I love it. Wish it was cool enough to wear hats here. Mason looks so cute in beanies (for the 2 seconds he lets me put them on him!)


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