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Friday, October 24, 2014

5 on Friday

This week was interesting.  While we had lots of fun days... going to the mall and lunch with my mom, decorating cookies, and having friends over for a play date, we also had some not so great moments.  I wanted to go on many afternoon walks with Noah, but the rain foiled those plans!  Chris is super busy at work and had to work late a few nights (and will continue to do so next week too).  Noah decided to barely nap a few days, meaning I didn't get to tackle my to-do list like I had hoped.  In addition to changing his sheets many times (still having leaking problems), he also peed on my bathroom floor and bath mat (just glad it wasn't the carpet!).  To say I'm ready for the weekend (and better weather) is an understatement!  In the meantime, let's get to my friday five...


Noah's party is next weekend, so we are in crunch mode getting ready!  We will be running to Costco and Target this weekend for some last minute items and I will be cleaning the house and decorating this week.  A lot will have to be done last minute though since Noah would just destroy it otherwise ;)


This week I was in Jcrew returning some dresses and I saw the cutest outfit for Noah on the mannequin.  I thought it was cool how they paired the dressy shirt and sweater with some fitted sweatpants.  I ended up buying the outfit as is and think it would be perfect for our low key Thanksgiving at our house!  Also great, the 25% off EVERYTHING they are offering right now!


A few months ago I discovered Urban Cowgirl, and now I'm officially obsessed!  I was looking for an infinity scarf and I love all the prints she offers!  The hard part is picking just one (or five)!  I also love the knotted headbands she sells and want to buy them for every little girl I know!


Tomorrow, I get to have some girl time with my best friend.  Chris is going to his parents' house with Noah and I'm going to the movies with Marlaina!  We are going to see The Best of Me!


Finally, Happy 2nd Birthday to my nephew, Aidan!  He reminds us so much of my brother (his dad) as a kid... it's uncanny!  I hope you have a super fun weekend celebrating!

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  1. That J.Crew outfit is adorable! I may just have to venture over to that sale!

  2. Those scarves and headbands are adorable! I better not go check it out or I might end up with 20 new scarves!
    You'll have to let me know how The Best of Me is. I love Nicholas Sparks!
    What a fun birthday theme :) Noah is going to love it!

  3. Cant Believe his second birthday is here already!


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