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Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Pictures

Another busy weekend for the books.  On Saturday, Noah had swim class.  Then I went to a Baby Shower for a good friend I've known since high school.  I loved that instead of your typical shower at a home or restaurant, they had it at a ceramic studio.  We each got to pick a ceramic piece and paint it while enjoying some yummy food :)

Marlaina, Kristen, and me

While I was enjoying some time with friends, Chris took Noah over to his parents' house for lunch.  Noah had such a fun time and decided to wait for me to come home to take his nap ;)

We are... Penn State!

Time for dessert!

That evening, we had one of Chris' friends (also from high school) come over with his family for dinner.  Noah LOVED playing with the girls (5 and 6).   They played with Noah's kitchen and toy food (video here) almost the whole time and then Chris chased the three of them around the whole house.  

On Sunday morning, Chris took Noah to the grocery store and to get some donuts.  We did a little photo shoot for Noah's 23 month post.  We also went to Gymboree Open Gym with Chris :)  

After Noah's nap we went back to our old stomping ground.  Morristown was having their annual Fall Festival.  This is now the third year we've gone.  It was a super warm day (in the 80s) and while the food was yummy, we were hoping there would be more activities for Noah.  


  1. That picture of Noah brushing his teeth is just too precious!

  2. 23 months?!?! How is it possible that he is almost TWO???
    Love those photos with his keychain bracelets!


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