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Friday, September 19, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday!

Chris took the day off today and we are headed to the Bronx Zoo!  Through his work, he got some free passes and we've been excited to use them.  I wanted to wait and go when the weather got cooler, and I think we really lucked out with the weather today!


How pretty are these Fall printables???  I'm in love with the simplicity and think I'll need to stick at least one in a frame in our house!


So while it's questionable if this season's cast are really "stars", I will still be watching Dancing with the Stars this fall.  I enjoy the dancing and it's too funny to watch Noah dance along with them!  It started this week, and so far I like Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars), Sadie Robertson (Duck Dynasty), Bethany Mota (Youtube sensation), and Alfonso Ribeiro (Fresh Prince).  


I just ordered a table runner in this print.  I love the fall colors and think it will look great on our table the next few months.  Our table extends to 118 inches long, and it's not the easiest to find a reasonably priced runner that is long enough.  I am looking forward to using it for Thanksgiving!


In Noah's bath tub, there was this one spot that you can tell they patched up.  Noah discovered it a week or two ago, and since then is obsessed with it (in a bad way).  He keeps all of his toys on the other side of the tub, and points at it and says "boo boo" almost the entire bath.  My mom suggested getting some stickers for the tub to see if it would help.  We bought these and so far they are working great.  Noah showed us how they are the same as his rubber ducky, but otherwise he doesn't seem to remember what used to be there :)


I am really enjoying the cooler weather we've been having.  If Chris gets home on time, we like to eat dinner quickly and head straight to our neighborhood park.  Too bad that soon it will be getting dark earlier as well, because I really enjoy this family time.  And I'm loving that Gymboree has helped Noah get over his fear of slides!

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  1. BAH! I missed Dancing with the Stars and I was really sad! Because I LOVE Pretty Little Liars and I heard Janel Parrish was amazing!

  2. I love those stickers - even though they are there to cover up a "boo boo" haha!

  3. Found you through the link-up...Those stickers are super cute! What a good idea to cover up the "boo-boo". :)

  4. I normally watch Dancing with the Stars but to be honest... I'm not really sure who any of the "stars" are. So... I think I may be passing on this season, especially since all my fall shows are starting next week!
    That table runner is gorgeous! So fall and so pretty!
    Hope you guys had the best time at the zoo!


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