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Friday, September 5, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

I love short weeks.  It's always nice to wake up on a Tuesday (that feels like a Monday) and know there's only 4 days until another weekend.  We have a fun and semi laid back weekend planned.  We are taking Chris to Gymboree with us, having friends over for a BBQ, and running some errands.  I also might try to fit a pedicure in as well.  Have a great weekend!


Summer is (un)officially over.  We made it to the pool one last time last weekend.  Chris was off work the Friday before Labor Day, so we went to our pool with my parents.  The water was cold, but we still had fun.  Thankfully swim lessons start up soon so Noah will still get to go swimming on a regular basis.  


Since summer is unofficially over (though the weather isn't in agreement), I decided to start figuring out what still fit Noah from spring and what we needed to get this fall.  I took out the size 18-24M sweatpants that he wore this past Spring.  The pants fit around the waist but are too short.  We bought him some 2T pants (same brand) and they are crazy long and literally falling off him as he walks.  After doing some investigating, it seems that they've changed their sizing.  We had one old pair of 2T sweatpants from Spring and they fit perfectly and are much smaller than the new 2T pants in stores now.  We went to the store and tried on the "new" size 18-24M pants and they fit great.  Thankfully, all his jeans and khakis from Spring still fit him, so we won't need to buy him any more.  Instead I'm focusing on getting him some new long sleeve t-shirts (in the next size up) and sweatpants.  

^^^ a few of the things we've picked up so far


On Sunday, Chris' friend (and old roommate) came over with her husband and daughter.  Their daughter, Madeline, is only 1 year older than Noah.  They don't see each other a lot, but I was so impressed at how well they played together!


On Labor Day Monday, Chris' parents (Nonna & Granddad) and his brother Justin came over to play with Noah and for lunch.  We played with bubbles and had burgers and hot dogs on the barbecue.  Noah helped by shucking the corn :)


We went with my parents to buy some flowers this week.  When we moved in, there was a raised garden bed in our backyard.  Everything was messy and overgrown, so recently Chris took everything out and we are starting fresh!  For the fall we planted some mums and I'm brainstorming about what to plant in the spring... suggestions welcome!

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  1. We're going through our first big growth spurt with our baby (8 weeks old), so I'm finding clothes that don't fit him anymore. It's kind of sad seeing them grow up so quickly. :(

    So just in case you're interested- I cohost a link up on Mondays called Mama Mondays, and I would love for you to join in on the fun! All the details are on my blog. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Stopping by from the link-up...happy Friday! Love all of those cute fall shirts, especially the one with the jack-o-lantern...very festive :)

  3. I've got sorting through clothes on my to do list today! I'm afraid we're going to need several new things for the fall/winter season as well. I hope you have a fun filled weekend! Your mums look great by the way! Can't wait to put mine out! :)

  4. I'm stopping by from the link-up as well! Aren't baby sizes crazy annoying?? I've found that my little guy is very in the size that correlates with his age and he's been in the 50th to 60th percentile since he was born. As far as the raised flower beds, they look great with the mums! My in-laws own a gardening business and they did our front landscape with all prairie perennials. I love it! Might be something to try in the spring. Happy Friday!

  5. I absolutely love mums, those are beautiful
    Have a good weekend

  6. We have the same problem with pants...err shorts these days haha. I was starting to think that the 18-24 month shorts were getting tight on Mason so we tried on 2T and they fell off. I already know that 18-24 month pants fit in the waist but are wayyyyy too short. So hopefully we can find some pants that have the adjustable waist or else Mason will be wearing them at his ankles :)


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