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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's The Little Things | Going to the Zoo!

On Friday, Chris took of work and we went to the Bronx Zoo.  Be prepared for lots of pictures!  Chris got free tickets to go and we were excited to finally use them.  They were general admission tickets and we ended up upgrading to the total access pass since a bunch of the exhibits were not included with general admission.  We arrived shortly after the zoo opened and were surprised that it wasn't busy at all.  It was cool enough that we needed to wear our sweaters (except for Chris who never wears a sweater!).  I love going to the zoo in this kind of weather because it means the zoo doesn't smell as much and the animals are out walking around instead of sleeping in a corner!  

First we walked through "Africa" on our way to the Asian Monorail.  I had done some research online before our trip and knew I wanted to take the monorail.  It's one of the things you pay extra for unless you have the total access pass, but I knew that Noah would love going on a "train".  It's also the only way you can see the elephants (my favorite!).  

After the monorail, we went into the Jungle Experience.  Before leaving for the zoo, we told Noah he could pick out a toy animal to bring with him.  He chose this toy turtle that my parents bought him when we went to the Turtle Back Zoo.  He carried it around the entire trip!  He was super excited when we saw some turtles and liked comparing his toy to the real thing!

We then stopped to get some lunch.  I have to admit it was pretty good for zoo food.  No finished his fries on the go, and even tried to offer a few to some of the animals ;)

A highlight for me was seeing the lions and giraffes.  I was a little bummed that there wasn't a male lion out... I'm not sure if Noah knew these were lions since they don't look like the pictures he normally sees.  I also felt bad for the giraffe that was inside... not sure why they did that?

Next, we stopped at the bug carousel.  This was another attraction that normally you pay as you go, but with our upgraded total access passes, we got to have unlimited rides!  I think we went around 4 times :)

At this point it was getting close to Noah's nap time, so we said we'd look at a few more animals and head home.  But Noah was in such a good mood and having so much fun that we ended up seeing a lot more!  Once again he loved the turtles!

We then stopped by the Tiger exhibit... it was so cool!  There were three that were super close to the viewing area and when we first arrived two of them were playing/fighting right near us!

^^^ Doesn't it look like the tiger is walking right past Noah???  Thank goodness for the glass wall!

 ^^^ No visit to the zoo would be complete without some ice cream... and of course Noah had to share with his turtle!

^^^ This tortoise is 100 years old!

The last exhibit we went to was the petting zoo.  It will be part of the new Children's Zoo that will open soon.  They had a preview of it when we went.  Noah got a little scared since the animals were pretty loud and got really close to the fence, but it was still a fun time.  

We ended our day with a trip to the gift shop where Noah picked out three little stuffed animals... an elephant, a tiger, and another turtle!  He then passed out immediately in the car!

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  1. ISn't it amazing how beautiful the animals are? What a fun day out this looks like...

    Stopping by from the link up!

  2. Love zoo trips! Ours is super small though. Love the big ones with all sorts of fun creatures. Looove the turtle pics, that is really cute that he was excited to share and show!

  3. That zoo looks amazing!!! How cool you guys got free tickets. Nice that the admission was free and you could spend the extra money on upgrading to the all access pass. And especially nice when you could go on as many rides as you want! Noah looks so happy on the carousel! That is Mason's favorite ride anywhere we go too :) Love the last picture of him asleep with the bottle in his mouth! lol

  4. Love the zoo and all of your pics! Looks like you guys had the best day! :-)


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