The Adventure Starts Here: Fall Fashion

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Fashion

For me, what I love most about Fall fashion is layering.  I love mixing pieces from my summer wardrobe and adding a jacket or scarf and making it work for fall.  While I am often wearing jeans (or even yoga pants) and a t-shirt, I still want to look nice.  I recently found this blog and love the idea of a capsule wardrobe.  While I don't know if I'm going to be super strict with the number of pieces I have in my closet, I am consciously going to try to buy less and focus on choosing quality items that will work for many outfits.  This fall I want to focus on finding comfortable, cute, and well fitted shirts and complete the look with a denim jacket or blazer.  I am super excited about my new denim jacket because I also think it will look great with a lot of my summer dresses and maxi skirts :)  I haven't worn a quilted vest in a while, but they seem to be super popular right now.  Since I don't know how often I will wear one, I can't justify buying the JCrew version.  Instead I bought the Old Navy version and I will see how often I wear it this fall.  

What's on your list of must haves for the Fall?  What do you think of the capsule wardrobe?  Would you be willing to give it a try?


  1. Love that maxi skirt! I try to keep my closet neat & tidy; so typically, if I buy something new I will donate something I don't wear much anymore. Conor on the other hand hoards all his clothes!!!

  2. I would be happy with a whole closet full of Maxi Skirts :)

  3. I've been eyeing jean jackets for a while now but I can't bring myself to spend the money and pull the trigger and buy one. Did you get this LOFT one? Does it fit well? I've been wanting one to wear with my maxi dresses for fall!


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