The Adventure Starts Here: August Date | Our 4th Anniversary

Monday, September 1, 2014

August Date | Our 4th Anniversary

For Christmas, I gave Chris "A Year of Dates".  On Christmas, he opened a stack of envelopes, one for each month of 2014.  Inside the envelopes are pre-planned (and some pre-paid) dates for us to enjoy each month.  At the beginning of each month, we open the envelope and schedule a day to go on the date.   I will be recapping our dates each month.  

Happy Labor Day!  It's weird how the calendar works with holidays, because 4 years ago when we got married, it was not Labor Day Weekend.  Instead, we were on our honeymoon in Italy for Labor Day.  This year we had a busy fun filled weekend at home :)  Part of our weekend included going on our monthly date Saturday night.  For our August date, Chris and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary.  We purposefully go on "early" dates so that we can still do Noah's naps and bedtime.  My mom came over to watch Noah and we were able to get some family pictures before leaving.  Noah loves to be outside so he wasn't even upset to see us leave.  

We tried a new (to us) restaurant, called Verve.  Our realtor recently gave us a gift card to this restaurant as a housewarming gift.  We heard great things about it and the menu looked yummy, so we were excited to try it out immediately.  We had 6 pm reservations and were able to sit outside.  Their bread was warm and had this great oil mixture to dip it in.  I got a cesar salad and short ribs and Chris got the lobster.  

I had given Chris his gift early... a hydrangea for our front yard.  Chris surprised me at dinner with a gift certificate to get a massage.  It was a really great evening and I really value these dates!  

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  1. How sweet of your realtor to give you a gift card to a restaurant! Best gift ever :) Glad you enjoyed your anniversary! That place looks delicious!


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