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Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Pictures

We had a pretty fun weekend.  We were hoping for some better weather so that we could go to the pool on Saturday, but we still had fun even with the clouds and random rain.  My friends (who I went to high school and college with) came over in the morning.  Chris has been looking for someone to play tennis with for a very long time.  Now that we have tennis courts in our development, he really wanted to find someone.  As luck would have it, my friend Kristen said her husband (who I also went to high school with) has been looking for someone to play with as well.  We arranged to get together, and the plan was for them to play tennis while we went to the pool with Noah.  (It was super coincidental that we arranged for them to play tennis the weekend before the US Open starts!)  When the weather didn't cooperate, we instead watched the guy play some tennis and then went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Noah got into the whole tennis things too, and of course we dressed him for the occasion ;)  I think we may have a future ball boy on our hands... or maybe even a tennis player???

Saturday afternoon, my college friend, Sharon came by for a visit and to see the house.  Noah was asleep when she got here, but woke up in time to give her the tour ;)   On Sunday morning, we took Noah apple picking... but more on that later this week.  After Noah's nap, we went to my parents' house for Sunday dinner.  Uncle Luke (my younger brother) works long days and many weekends, so it was nice for Noah (and us) to spend the afternoon with him.  When Noah and I see my parents during the week, we are usually heading home for bedtime by the time he gets home from work.

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