The Adventure Starts Here: Noah's Big Boy Room - The Bed!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Noah's Big Boy Room - The Bed!

Slowly but surely we are making this house feel more like home.  Most rooms are set up, but few are decorated and none are complete.  I'm trying to slow down and take my time.  I also don't want to spend our summer days inside hanging frames when we could be enjoying this weather.  As a result, I doubt I will be doing any full room reveals anytime soon.  However, here's a little peak into Noah's big boy room.  I started off with this design board, and while a few things have been tweaked along the way, I'm staying pretty true to the theme of transportation, travel, and trucks.  Here's one corner of Noah's room... his bed!

Originally, I had centered the bed in the room.  But quickly we decided that it was easier to put the bed against the wall instead of installing railings on the bed.  At the moment, Noah only sleeps in here after he's woken up and wants to sleep with me anyway.  So Noah sleeps against the wall and I prevent him from falling out on the other side.  By pushing the bed up against the wall, it also gives him more space to play, though it does make making the bed a little more difficult.  

Chris found this poster online probably 3 years ago.  He loved it and I thought it was pretty cool, so we ordered it even though we had no idea where we would put it.  It's been sitting in my parents' basement ever since.  I love how it looks in Noah's room!  Noah loves it too and points to it almost every day.  

The other frame is from a photo session in February 2014 at Picture People.  It was when Noah just learned to walk and I loved all the pictures they took that day.  We didn't really have any more wall space in his nursery at the time, and I thought it would look good in his big boy room (since this is around the time he started looking more like a boy than a baby to me).  

My mom picked up this lamp and night light on one of her trips to Target.  She knew the theme and Noah's LOVE for construction trucks right now.  I think it fits really well with the room and Noah loves both pieces!

The bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids and I love how it ties everything together.  There are cars, trucks, and planes in almost every color on the sheets.  I really like how it allows me to decorate with almost every color.  

Bedside Table (Ikea, no longer sold)
Nightlight (Target)
License Plate Print (similar) & Frame 


  1. oh the bedding is so cute! I love the colours. The shades I think are what are really nailing it.

  2. Oh my goodness. What a big boy! That bed looks SO big! These kids are growing up way too fast for this.
    I LOVE the US license plate picture! And LOVE the sheets! PBK is my weakness... I usually throw away the catalogue so I am not tempted!


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