The Adventure Starts Here: Noah is 21 Months!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Noah is 21 Months!!!

Look who's excited to be 21 months!  I can't believe that in 3 months I'll have a 2 year old!  I really need to start working on that machine to freeze time!

What's New:
A lot is new for Noah since we moved into our new house this past month.  He now has two rooms... a nursery set up just like before and also a big boy room with a full bed.  He also has a lot more room to play, inside and outside!  

This month Noah went to a lot of new places!  The neighborhood we live in has a pool and we took Noah to it for the first time this month.  We also took Noah to Williamsport to visit Joe and Teri for the first time.  It was also his first time at a baby shower ;)  We went to Costco for the first time and Noah is now a fan because of the free samples.  Noah went mini golfing for the first time and did great!

We've been working on Noah identifying his body parts for a few months now.  He's a pro at almost all of them, but for a while he was confused by cheeks and always pointed to his chin.  He finally figured it out!

Noah HATED showers!  We had only done them a few times... when on vacation and they didn't have a tub and maybe twice at the apartment.  The other day we got back from the pool and I wanted to take a shower.  Chris normally does his bath at night, but he was away on a business trip, so I decided to bring Noah in with me.  We now have a very large shower, so Noah stood and played at the one end and only got wet when I needed to rinse him off.  Now he LOVES the shower and wants to come in with me all the time!

I think Noah might be getting a 2 year molar.  Recently he started drooling again and he's chewing on things more again, including his fingers.    This past week his nose started running like a faucet.. the worst it's ever been.  Unfortunately it's also joined by a cough, or else I'd think it was just from teething.  Thankfully he is still in a good mood, it's just a pain how often we have to wipe his nose.

These are unofficial since we haven't been to the doctor since 18 months.  I actually had to call the doctor to make sure he wasn't supposed to come in at 21 months.  They confirmed that the next time he goes in for a well visit is at 24 months.   Per our scale and measuring tape, Noah weighs 31 lbs and is 35 inches tall.  For the most part he wears 2T.  He wears 3T (or bigger) in PJs since I hate how tight they can be otherwise.  He wears a size 6 in shoes.

^^^ I asked him to stand and pose for me

I still rock Noah to sleep every night and he still starts every night in his crib.  He goes to bed around 8/8:30 and usually wakes up between 11 and 1.  At this point I bring him into his big boy room and sleep with him in his full bed for the rest of the night.  He still wants a bottle of milk to get back to sleep when he wakes up, but we've been able to water them down A LOT.  He usually wakes up for good between 7 and 8.  He usually goes down for nap around 1.  Some days he only naps an hour and a half, and then every couple of days he takes a random 3 hour nap.  Recently he's been waking up after an hour of sleeping in his crib and if I bring him into his bed and stay with him, he will sleep another hour at least.  I usually end up falling asleep with him at this point too.

Favorite Foods:
This month is all about the smoothies.  Since getting our Vitamix, we've been having one for breakfast every day.  I try to mix it up but they usually involve a lot of fruit with either spinach or carrots mixed in.  I need to come up with some more options soon.  In addition to our smoothies, Noah will often eat a toasted mini bagel in the morning and sometimes some greek yogurt as a mid morning snack.  Since moving in, I've been trying to get back into making dinner every night (during the move we were eating more takeout than we normally do out of convenience).  I think Noah really likes eating at the table as a family or eating on the deck, because I've notice an improvement in how much he eats.  We've been making chicken fajitas for a while, but just recently Noah tried them and he's in LOVE!  Originally we were worried that he wouldn't like the chicken since it's seasoned with a chicken rub, but he seems to like it.  He also loved the pasta dish I made as well as the chicken shake and bake (which he helped make) with baked potato.  He also loves when he gets to have a Dove Ice Cream bar for dessert.  For snacks, he started eating the Gerber yogurt melts again.  We were giving a friend of ours some of Noah's baby food that he no longer eats.  He saw the melts and immediately wanted them!  He also likes to snack on cheddar popcorn and chocolate covered almonds with me.

In the last week, Noah has started saying a bunch of new words.  For a while he just said mama, dada, hi, bye, and yes.  I also realized that when a toddler starts saying words, they aren't the clearest and I have to encourage him that he's trying.  Very recently he's started saying bath, ball, help (when he was helping my mom), I do, I go, out, and hot dog (when we were at the grocery store).  Before he would only say "baa" for the sheep and "roar" for the lion.  But now he also says "moo" for the cow :)

As I've mentioned before, he understands everything.  If you ask where someone is (like mama, dada, grandma, grandpa, nonna, granddad, etc), he points to them right away.  He also follows directions really well.  He's also very good at remembering routines and what comes next in the sequence.  When it's time to eat I tell him to get a bib and he goes to the correct drawer and gets one out (even after only a few days in the new house).  When he wants something he takes my hand and shows me.    

Noah loves to be outside!  If given the choice, he will always choose to eat a meal on the deck.  He loves to play with his water table, watch Chris mow the lawn, and he loves the wild turkeys that sometimes walk through our yard.  Now that we are able to go outside more, I've noticed we watch less TV.  Noah is also more likely to play on his own now while I prepare dinner or clean up.  In the apartment I felt like he was my shadow and it was very hard to do things with him at my heels.  He is really loving the extra space to explore.

He still loves to help vacuum and do the laundry.  Those are two chores that I make sure I do while he's awake.  We now have a real laundry room with a top loading washing machine.  He likes to sit on the edge (with me holding him of course) and put the clothes inside.  He then pushes the start button and likes to wait until the washer fills up with water and starts spinning.  He also LOVES fans.  We have one in almost every room of our new house and he always wants them turned on.

Noah LOVES the water.  Whether it's the pool, splash pad, water table, playing in the sink, or with the hose in the back yard.  He could play with water for ever and is often upset when we cut his playtime short.

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  1. NO! This can't be true! Only 3 months until he's TWO??? Time slow down!
    He is getting cuter by the minute though! Such a good poser for the camera! You're lucky!


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