The Adventure Starts Here: Life's a Beach | Rhode Island - 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life's a Beach | Rhode Island - 2014

^^^ Grandpa, Grandma, David (my brother), Trisha (my SIL), Kaitlyn (6 1/2), Matthew (3 1/2), Aidan (21 months), me, Chris, and Noah (21 months)

This weekend, we headed up to Rhode Island.  It's a drive I'm pretty familiar with and it seems like there is always horrible traffic.  Thankfully we only hit a small patch of congestion this time.  We stopped once for lunch and a bathroom break.  Noah fell asleep 30 minutes before arriving so we kept driving around until he woke up.  Thankfully he only slept another 20 minutes.

My brother has lived in Rhode Island since 2006 right after he got married and started law school in the fall.  This is now their third house (the first two were rentals) and third town.  This was the first time we got to see their new house, they just bought it and moved in this past June.  It's brand new and beautiful!  My parents arrived shortly after we did.  My nephew, Aidan, was still napping, so Noah and his other cousins (Kaitlyn and Matthew) played outside.  They had so much fun.  

^^^ Apparently Noah's love for hats applies to helmets as well.  I hope he still loves to wear one when he starts riding a bike!

When Aidan woke up, we drove 30 minutes to go to the beach.  We got there at 4:30 and spent a couple of hours playing in the sand and water.  It took Noah a little while to get used to the sand, but by the end he was crawling in it and had his hands covered!  We drove back to their house for baths and to have dinner with my brother (he was at work).

^^^ Enjoying a rare moment.. sitting and chatting with my mom :)

On Saturday, we went to a different beach first thing in the morning.  We got our spot and then went to play... we barely went back to our chairs!  We picked up some boogie boards for my brother, Kaitlyn, and Matthew.  Unfortunately the waves were pretty pathetic and they didn't get to "catch a wave" as Matthew says :).  The kids still had a blast digging in the sand and getting super messy!

^^^ my family :)

^^^ my brother and I with our families

^^^ the kids "catching some waves"

^^^ the boys!

^^^ with my SIL, Trisha

^^^ I can't believe how grown up my niece is!  I remember going to meet her at the hospital when she was a preemie!

We then cleaned up and went to lunch.  We went down the street to Iggy's for woke seafood.  It was this cute place on the side of the road with outside seating on picnic benches.  We were super lucky and got the biggest table they had and it was in the shade!  After eating way too much, we all headed home for naps.

After some nice naps (not just the kids), my brother and his family came to our hotel so we could all go swimming.  It was just an indoor pool, but we all had a ton of food.  Kaitlyn is a great swimmer, Matthew is getting better and loves to "practice", and Noah and Aidan had fun going around in their floaties.

^^^ Playing chicken with some toddlers ;)

^^^ Noah was getting really good "swimming" on his own

^^^ these two loved being thrown up in the air!

After swimming, we ended the evening by having dinner at Chipotle (my favorite).  Down the street was a McDonalds with a play place.  The kids got to run around and even got some of the adults to go inside too.  We finally got some ice cream and then called it a night.

^^^ we sat and watched while the dads went in with the kids :)  Though I have to give credit to my mom who also went in with them!

We said our goodbyes (which Kaitlyn always hates) and headed home.  It was an amazing 2 days!  Noah had so much fun with his cousins.  He and Kaitlyn became best friends and he loved playing with Aidan and copying Matthew :). I hope we get to have another visit soon!  


  1. What a wonderful family visit
    Such sweet photos

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time!!! That floaty/life vest thing that Noah is wearing in the pool... we borrowed one of my niece's a couple weeks ago and Mason wore it and he kept falling over, he was sooooo top heavy! Did Noah have a problem with it? Or was he ok?
    Also, we went to the beach a couple weeks ago for family pictures and Mason's first feel of the ocean, he SCREAMED and cried and ran away because it was so cold! You're lucky you have warm beaches!


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