The Adventure Starts Here: Burgers and Bulldogs!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Burgers and Bulldogs!

I honestly can't believe it's Monday already.  Chris took off Friday so we had a little 3 day weekend.  We went up to Rhode Island to visit my brother and his family, but more on that tomorrow.  

We drove back Sunday morning, in our separate cars, and stopped for lunch in New Haven.  We heard they had a Shake Shack there and my parents had never been to one.  We had a yummy lunch of burgers/hot dogs, French fries, and some concrete mixers :). 

^^^ This is Noah's 4th Shake Shack he's been to.  It's also the 4th state... He's been to one in Madison Square Park (NYC), Miami (Florida), Paramus (NJ), and now New Haven (Connecticut).

After lunch my dad wanted to walk around the Yale University campus.  He wanted to get a picture of him there in case he ends up going there when he's older ;). We stopped by the bookstore and my mom and dad bought Noah a shirt and hat... He looked so cute!  

It was a short visit but fun.  It was also a great way to let Noah stretch his legs during a long car ride.


  1. That mailbox is so cute!!! My husband would love that!
    I don't think there are Shake Shacks around here but I'm dying to try one! I hear the best things!
    Glad you guys had a good weekend!


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