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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Day In The Life | It's The Little Things

I'm back today with another "A Day In The Life" posts.  I decided I wanted to do these quarterly to really see how our lives change throughout the year.  Here's my posts from May 2014, January 2014, and April 2013.  

Today is Tuesday, August 19th.  Chris is 36, I am 30, and Noah is 21 months old.

Since being sick last week, Noah hasn't been a fan of his crib.  Last night he started off the night in his big boy bed and I joined him around 9:30 (I was exhausted).  He wakes up multiple times wanting bottles.  We've watered down the milk a lot since he drinks so much during the night.  At 1:45, he woke up and I noticed my shirt was wet from a bottle that spilled on me.  I went to change my shirt, put a towel down over the wet spot, and decided to change Noah's diaper (we have lots of leaks overnight).  He woke up multiple more times, but for good at 7:30

7:30… I immediately noticed that Noah's PJs and sheets were soaked when he woke up, despite me changing his diaper at 1:45 (and double diapering him).  I immediately undressed Noah, cleaned him up, and got him dressed.  I then went to brush my teeth.  

7:44... Time to change Noah's sheets... I do this a lot!  Noah played next to me while I did this.  I brought the laundry basket of sheets and the cooler (full of last night's bottles) downstairs and leave Noah playing upstairs.  I then quickly take some pictures of our living room (the only time it's clean and has decent light) for a future blog post.  When I came back upstairs, Noah was pointing to his diaper and I can smell that he's pooped.  I love that he's now telling me when he needs to be changed ;)  We then go wash our hands... his new favorite activity!  

7:59... I bring Noah downstairs and he helps me do his laundry - another favorite activity!  Noah goes to play and I put the bottles in the dishwasher, put the clean pots away, and open my Loft package :)  

8:12... I get Noah's yogurt and put my mini bagels in the toaster.  We then eat breakfast while I watch The Fosters on the DVR.  Noah gets so dirty eating his yogurt that I sometimes don't even know where to begin with cleaning him up!  He then played while I finished my show.  We were about to go up to shower when he walks into the living room holding a popsicle.  I chose to give in and avoid a mini tantrum.  He quickly ate the popsicle and we went upstairs to get ready.  

9:17… Noah likes to come in the shower with me now.  He used to hate the shower, but now that we have a large one where he doesn't have to be under the water the entire time, he loves to play in it.  I love it because it allows me to take a longer shower.  I then get him dressed, I get dressed, quickly do my makeup and we are headed downstairs.  

9:55... I put Noah's sheets in the dryer and our sheets in the washer.  I then put both of our shoes on, and we head out the door.  Today we had a Gymboree trial class.  It's only 10 minutes away (tops) and a few of our new friends go there.  

10:15... Gymboree class starts.  I was surprised at how quickly Noah became comfortable.  He had a great time exploring the gym as well as participating with the teacher and class.  At the end of the class we decided to sign up and start September 2nd when they reopen after their renovation.  Noah will also be in the next age group's class by then.  

11:26... We drove home and I immediately put our leftover pasta in the microwave.  We ate lunch outside on our deck.  Noah then played with his grill while I caught up on some blogs.  He came over to watch some videos with me and then got super upset when that was over.  I decided he must be tired and we went up for nap. 

12:30... Noah is asleep and I was able to transfer him into his crib!!!  I was shocked but very excited.  This gave me time to fold his sheets, put our sheets in the dryer, fold Noah's laundry from yesterday, and try on the clothes I had ordered from Loft.  I then got to work on this blog post too ;)

1:45… I see Noah standing up in his crib on the monitor and he's crying.  I go in to rock him and then bring him into his big boy bed in hopes he will sleep a bit longer. 

1:55... Nap is apparently over.  Noah has started to play the game with me where he gently tries to "bite" my nose.  We get up, I get him changed and we head down to make smoothies.  

2:10… My mom arrives to watch Noah so I can go get my hair cut and colored.  We finish making the smoothies and they go drink them on the deck. 

2:20… I'm out the door for my appointment.  I see Miss Lauren (from Noah's Wompy's Class) at the salon.  We chat about the fall session a little bit until Erica (my hair dresser) comes out to get me.  Erica applies my color and then it's time to sit, wait, and relax.  

2:45... I see that my mom has posted some pictures on Facebook of Noah playing on the deck.  I'm so glad he's having fun while I'm gone.  

2:50... I remember that I also need an eyebrow wax and ask if anyone has time.  Elsa does and I'm relieved to have clean eyebrows again.  

3:35… The timer goes off, I get my hair washed, and Erica cuts my hair.  We chat about her boyfriend, anniversaries, and vacations.  

4:14… I leave the salon with my new do.  I make sure Noah is still doing okay (which he was) and then stop by the grocery store on the way home.  I pick up some meat, potatoes, and green beans to make for dinner.  

4:44… I'm back home, I preheat the oven, and let my mom leave.  Noah is hungry so I give him some peaches.  He goes to the fridge again, so I give him a yogurt.  

5:00… Potato goes in the oven and I make the meatloaf muffins.  I also clean up the kitchen a little bit.  Then Noah and I play and watch some Disney Jr. on TV. 

5:47... I find out that Chris will be working super late via text.  I'm not surprised, but still a bummer.  Noah went to bed before he got home last night too :(

6:06... We sit down for dinner.  Noah eats all his meat, most of his potato, and only 1 or two green beans.  I was surprised, since last time he inhaled the green beans!  After dinner I load the dishwasher (and run it) and clean the pans.  

6:16... Noah and I head outside to water our plants and get the mail.  When we get back inside, Noah keeps going to the pantry... apparently dinner wasn't enough???  We have some skittles as dessert, but he keeps going back. He grabs some animal crackers and then some goldfish crackers!  There aren't many pictures now because Noah isn't in the best of moods.  I feel like he is tripping over himself and then crying... not fun.  

7:00...  I finally decide that Noah must just be tired and we pack it in for an early bed time.  I get changed into PJs and brush my teeth.  I then get Noah changed and he's not happy.  

7:24... I give him his cup of milk and he barely drinks any of it.  He does however drink his entire bottle of water.  He then turned over and snuggled into my shoulder to go to sleep.  I get a text from Chris that he will be on the 8:35 train and getting home around 10:15.  Chris has been having some super long and stressful days at work.  I'll be glad when things go back to normal!   Even though Noah was happy to cuddle and rock, it took longer than I expected for him to fall asleep.  

8:12... Noah is finally asleep and I'm actually able to put him in his crib!  I immediately go downstairs to make the bottles for the night and turn the outside light on for Chris.  Back upstairs, retainer in, and working on this blog post :)

8:46... Decide to call it a day with this blog post.  I plan to just relax for another hour and hope that Noah doesn't wake up for a while.  The days can be super long when Chris has to work late.  


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  1. I too am liking that Aria will let me know when she needs a diaper! And, tandem showers are my fave. It's like play time combined with getting to have a win. So nice to have mom come over so you can get your hair all done - no after pics? sad! Meatloaf! That sounds good. As does skittles. Late nights and solo parenting all day is exhausting!

  2. I'm excited you guys tried Gymboree and Noah liked it! Mason instantly LOVED it and we've been going ever since. He thinks he owns the place now lol.
    Those meatloaf muffins look good! Where did you get the recipe? Or will you share soon?
    Does Chris work in a different state? My friend used to live in Maryland and work in DC and would take the train and when you mentioned that, it reminded me of her! What does he do?

  3. Your days sound a lot like mine
    We water down bottles and have major leaks all night long too. It's frustrating isn't it? I wash a load of sheets and blankets every single day.
    I wish we had a Gymboree near by. It looks like so much fun
    What did you get from Loft? You never showed us!


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