The Adventure Starts Here: Outside living - our deck

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Outside living - our deck

One of the first spaces we had completed in the new house was our deck.  Since we had to buy everything new, it was all delivered before we even moved in.  We spent many afternoons sitting out there waiting for deliveries or eating lunch while Noah played.  And now that we've moved in we still eat most meals out there!

We bought our table, chairs, and umbrella at a local store called Ebers.  We picked ours out from the clearance section and it still wasn't cheap by any means.  But we plan to spend a lot of time outside and wanted something sturdy that would last.  

^^^ extra seating... I can just imagine enjoying a nice cold drink while Noah plays
We also got Noah some plastic Adirondak chairs from Amazon.  They can be connected with a table and mini umbrella but we prefer the separated.  Thankfully our deck is in the shade most of the time too.  

Chris' parents got us our grill.  We've only used it twice so far but we love it.  Chris's dad plans to come over and share some grilling tips.  His dad makes really good chicken :)

My parents got Noah his water table and grill (both from Toys R Us).  Noah loves to be outside!  Since Noah has his toys he's happy to stay out longer and let us sit and relax after dinner.  We had our handyman build this gate and my dad paint it to match the deck.  I had seen the idea on Young House Love and knew I wanted one.  It's such a relief to know Noah won't escape or fall down the stairs.  I was so impressed with how it turned out.  I showed him one picture for maybe 10 seconds and he built it the next day!  Man I wish I was handy!  

^^^ we had the lock installed on the outside so Noah won't be able to figure out how to open it

I set up a basket inside right by the sliding doors with sunscreen, bug spray, water shoes, and sandals.  This way we can get outside fast!   I also plan to bring our Bose potable stereo out (once I find which box it's in) so we can enjoy some music during dinner :). 

Do you spend most of your summer outside?  This is our first year getting to do that so we are super excited :)


  1. Dear Meghan, thank you a lot for your posts. They inspire me a lot! My son is a month older than Noah :) We live in a flat, thats why most days we spend indoors. But i wish that some day we would buy our own house and would spend most summer days outside just likeyou :) wish you the best! :)

  2. We spend a lot of our summer evenings outside. I was just telling hubby the other day how I'd love to have a deck. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something to sit on! Yours is lovely...I'd love to have it at my place.


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